Age of Dinosaurs

Hubby, a friend and I went to see the special exhibition, Age of Dinosaurs, at World Museum. It would have been better if we had a kid with us… just to justify our presence there, but, even so, it was nice. We took some pictures and we had some laughs. The leaflet I took from […]

Costume Drama tour

Sudley house has a special exhibition: Costume Drama – Fashion from 1790 to 1850. Costume Drama tour it’s a part of the special exhibition and we had the pleasure to listen to Pauline Rushton talk about the dresses. I like the house, it feels warm and welcoming even if it’s a museum. The staff it’s […]

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Yesterday we were invited by one of hubby’s friends at VOOO to celebrate the nowruz. Nowruz, or the New Day, is an Iranian celebration marking the first day of spring; occurring on the astronomical Spring Equinox. This is the first day of the Persian new year, being celebrated for over 3,000 years. The signification of […]

Body fat caliper

We women tend to care how much we weight and we tend to ignore the most important thing of all: what does that number mean. We all know two persons with the same height and weight can look very different and we usually “blame” the bone structure, but a different body fat percentage makes a […]

Marks and spencer

I must show you my first pair of Marks and Spencer shoes. I just love them and I can hardly wait to go for a walk.

Women’s day

In Eastern Europe the 8th of march has a very special meaning: women’s day. It’s a day that celebrates the woman regardless if she is a mother or not. Of course we celebrate this year too. I asked hubby to make it a special day out and he said yes. Fortunately we had a lovely […]

British Pie Week

5th – 11th march is the British Pie Week! Hubby insisted we should celebrate this great holiday by eating pie every day. So today I’ve made apple pies. Enjoy! I decided to update the old post as the pie I made a few years ago didn’t look as good as the one I made this […]


Hubby gave me a lovely martisor this year. It arrived today and I’m so happy. He got a fish from Butler & Wilson. I love their jewellery… bold, colorful and beautiful. I’ll wear it tomorrow evening when we go out. For the readers that don’t know the meaning of martisor: “Mărțișor (Romanian pronunciation: [mərtsiʃor]) is […]