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10 Good things

I hope this is not my last 10 good things post this year as I plan to write another one closer to Christmas. It depends on the time I have, so let’s see. Please ignore No10 on the list if you are not a fan of F1, it might be boring (very boring).

1. Wrapping gifts for Christmas. I started wrapping gifts for Christmas and it’s so exciting, I love it. I found something I hope my husband will love, so I bought that for him. I also got gifts for Secret Santa, yay. Now we have to set up the tree and put the gifts under the tree, so we can stare at them till the 25th.

2. Bumping cars. We went on the docks and we got into a bumping car. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to go to ride again. There were other rides too, also there is an ice ring, an ice slider and rides for kids too.

3. The neighbuor’s cat. Everybody in our house likes the neighbour’s cat, but for different reasons. I like her, but I don’t interact with her because I don’t want her in our garden as this can lead to problems with Festus. Festus loves the idea of chasing her and he even tried to jump the fence after her. That was hilarious because he didn’t jump as hubby was holding him. Festus also learned that the cat can be found on the fence and he will look outside on the fence to see if she is there or not.
My husband is not bothered and he will pet the cat. If I say something, he will just reply that he actually saved money because he petted the cat for free unlike the ones from the cat cafe. I laugh and that is it.

4. New lipsticks from No7. I got some new lipsticks and I’m happy with them. It took me ages to decide on the shades, but I did it in the end.

5. Baking season. I think this is how December should be called. I have so many things bakes in mind, I only need volunteers to eat my food or I will put a few pounds on this month.

6. NYE. We are going to London! I can’t wait. I considered Edinburgh, but my husband thought it’s better to go to London. We want to go in the centre for the fireworks. It’s exciting.

7. Advent calendar. This is our first advent calendar and I like that we can share it. I though it’s better to get one and make two small cups of tea instead of each having a calendar.

8. The light bulb on the street. I don’t have a lot of things to say about the light bulb, it was broken, my husband sent an email to the council. In two or three days they were changing the bulb. I can’t be happier with the council, it made us feel that our monthly payments were good value for money.

9. Plans for next year. I have some exciting plans for next year, work related and personal too. I am thinking of the goals that I set up this year and they were mostly a success.

10. Rosberg won the F1 title. This one is a little strange, but I’m really glad he won. Hamilton was very disappointing for me this year, with his constant moans, taking Rosberg out in the 1st lap in Spain and throwing the steering wheel out of the car (a steering wheel that costs up to £50,000 and it was perfectly fine before being trowen out). Of course, the constant flattering by the guys at Channel 4 didn’t help, they made him even more annoying for me. He might be a great driver, but the way he finished the last race showed, again, a not-so-pretty side of him. He backed up his team mate into the other drivers hoping that they will pass him. They didn’t, Rosberg had a wonderful race and proved he fully deserves his title.
While other teams just let their drivers do their own race, like Red Bull, Mercedes is different. They don’t have different strategies and for me that is bonkers, but this is their way and they have the best car on track. I looked over the team transcripts and it was quite surprising. During the race I didn’t realize how soon they told Hamilton to speed up to make sure they get their win. The first instruction was in lap 32! In lap 35 Rosberg mentions the pace is slow. In lap 36 he is told that Vettel will be on better tyres and that he can loose the win. Hamilton gets another notification from his mechanic in lap 42 that Vettel is very fast, repeated after 2 laps. Rosberg suggests switching the cars so they can get the win. In lap 47 Hamilton is told again that he must speed up, he replies that they should be left to race. In lap 51, Paddy intervenes and tells Hamilton they need to make sure they will win the race. Nothing changed and in lap 54, with only 2 laps to the chequered flag, after the last instruction to speed up, Hamilton’s reply is amazing: “Right now I’m losing the world championship so I’m really not bothered if I’m going to win or lose this race.”.
I found that answer appalling. F1 is a team sport because there are hundreds of people working on those cars, he is paid millions of pounds to win races and he is acting as a 4 years old with a tantrum.
Do I think Mercedes was right to tell him from lap 32 that he needs to speed up, that meaning he will not win the championship? Well, I don’t, but that is not the point. As I said, Mercedes is Mercedes, they have their values. Others, like Red Bull have different values and different strategies and there are different options for them.
So, in the end, I was happy Rosberg won because he was the only one in the position to win the championship beside Hamilton. Verstappen was fantastic in the last 2 races, he is a star. He made a mistake in the first lap, but recovered and from the last position finished 4th. I saw people saying that he made a mistake, so he is not that good. I disagree, everybody on that track made a mistake at one point and he managed to bounce back, not everybody can do a job as good as him.

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  1. I love Christmas wrapping too. I’ve even offered to wrap Tyrone’s presents for him, haha!

    I like the idea of a tea advent calendar. I just have a chocolate one as always, but I recently saw that you can get a cheese advent calendar which sounds like a dream.

    I felt like Hamilton was a bit of a spoil-sport. The way he behaved was a bit childish. I was shocked about Rosberg’s retirement announcement today. I honestly thought he could go on to do so much more.

    1. I was shocked about Rosberg’s retirement too. But it’s understandable, he also has a family and now he has other priorities. For some drivers, being in an F1 car is more important than anything else, but not all feel the same and he was strong enough to admit that. I think it’s admirable.

  2. Your advent calendar look so fun!
    As for the F1, I do want him to lose! I’m so sorry! Cos I’m supporter of Hamilton! Anyway, congrats to him!

    1. I imagine you were very disappointed with the race, F1 can get quite emotional. x
      The advent calendar is fun, I can’t wait to see what tea flavour I have next.

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