Giant Grandma

This weekend it’s a great event in Liverpool, Giant Spectacular. Two years ago we’ve been to another similar event, Sea Odyssey, made to commemorate the centenary of Titanic’s shipwreck. It was so impressive last time, in 3 days around 800,000 people attended the event.

This event is about the commemoration of the beginning of WWI. We’ve been at St. George’s Hall to see the grandma sleeping, very crowded, as I’ve expected.

giant grandma liverpool

giant grandma liverpool 2

giant grandma liverpool st georges hall

giant grandma liverpool st. george hall

giants liverpool

st george hall

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  1. How bizarre! It is rather incredible, but at the same time a bit odd. Certainly a sight to see. 🙂

    1. It is incredible. I posted a lot of pictures from yesterday with her out & about in the city. The event is spectacular, very well made, lots of details and just great.

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