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My garden in August

In August last year the garden was finished, after doing a lot of jobs, from changing concrete fence posts to wall it around with white panels for privacy. I never imagined that we were going to enjoy the garden so much. Now I am writing this post sitting on a bench in the garden while Festus is relaxing after he had his breakfast (in the garden), watching the pigeons enjoying their breakfast. If we knew how much we were going to love spending time in the garden we would have done the refurbishments earlier. It’s just amazing.

My garden in August

There are many plants from last year, including the trees, but also small plants too. I bought new ones to replace the ones that did not survive the winter and to add a bit more colour and arrange them on different levels too. The garden is bursting with colour and the sounds of bees. When the wind blows I sometimes smell the lilies and it’s just wonderful.

My garden in August

This is the other side of the garden.


I am loving the dahlias, they are so long lasting, very colourful and they have lots and lots of flowers for many months. This is a round-up of the dahlias I have in the garden, including some new ones. The sizes of the flowers range from 5 cm to about 20 cm.

bee on allium

This is one of two alliums from last year. It grew lovely and it is very popular with the insects.


Isn’t this gorgeous? Look at all the bees, at times there are over 10 buzzing around the allium. With all the flowers we have we managed to attract some butterflies too, which is lovely. Our neighbours have lawns and not many flowers, so it’s nice to offer a respite for tired and hungry bees.

white flower

This is a new flower, from bulbs. It’s called a peacock orchid, and many of them are now in bloom in the garden.


This is a new plant, Echinacea. I had to replace some plants, including the poppies as they suddenly died after being in bloom as recent as the last two months. It’s strange, but well, I have new plants now and I would buy poppies again if I find them and have space in the garden.

Echinacea is very popular with the bees according to its label and I hope it will be.

Oriental Roselily

The oriental roselilies are stunning and they smell wonderful too. These were a late addition to the garden last month, got them at the reduce section and I’m so glad I did. I love the look of them.

Dahlia and pear tree

I got a new Martha Dahlia to replace the now passed globemaster allium. I kept the dried globe and it looks lovely alongside the other dried flowers I have in the living room. Dahlia is lovely, so big, similar to Skipley Grande. In the background you can see the pear tree, which is growing nicely too.

purple flower


Coleus are not surviving the winter, but I don’t mind, I bought again some this year and I will do so next year too. They are so nice that it would be a shame not to get some for the summer season.


Agapanthus is a bit of a disappointment this year, as last year it had lots of shoots with flowers and now it has only one. I hope it will recover over winter and that it will grow even better next year. It has lovely foliage too, so I am not too bothered by the lack of flowers, it’s more a concern about the plant. Any feedback or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.


The lupin is doing nicely too.


After thinking that the fig did not make it over winter, I am delighted with how much it grew in an year. It has lots of figs too. My husband pruned all the trees to make them branch out as they look a bit strange at this point. The cherry tree is doing very well too.

Apple tree

The apple tree is amazing. We had about 20 apples from it. It had more but some fell when it was windy. We started to enjoy the apples, including Festus. I wait for them to fall, as they are fully ripe at that point and we are looking in the garden daily, so they are not going to spend too much time on the ground.
While apples are not our fruit of choice in the supermarket, we love having some from the garden. The apple has three types of fruits, as you can see in the picture, and they are going to get ripe at different times. The last one will be ready to eat in October, how lovely is that.


This is my new sage as the last one did not look too great.

Tomato and beets

The tomato plants are growing, but they have no flowers, so I just keep them for foliage at this point. The beetroot is now fully harvested and I will plant some more seeds these days. I shared the recipe for beet greens on my food blog, CookStyle, if you fancy a look.

fruit bushes

The raspberry is still eaten by the caterpillars, but it looks better now. I have some pretty exciting plans regarding the bugs, next year. I will share more about that when is time.

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  1. I can’t believe I missed this one. Your garden is just spectacular, Anca. What a wonderful mix of flowers and herbs and greenery. It’s so neat (a talent I do not possess when it comes to the garden). I think you might miss this when you move!

  2. Oh wow, Anca, your garden is looking AMAZING, so colourful and vibrant and how wonderful that you have so much fruit to harvest! I’m fascinated by your apple tree growing three different types of apples, that’s very clever. And glad to hear your fig survived too 🙂

  3. Your garden looks amazing dear! The flowers are so beautiful and colourful. The Dahlia flowers are wonderful.
    The plants are fantastic as well. So great you can harvest from both the apple and the fig tree. The fig tree recovered so well from the winter.

  4. I am super impressed with everything you’ve done in your garden – not just gorgeous flowers, but wonderful things to eat, too! I’ve seen so many beautiful dahlias on Instagram and in blogposts this year that I may have to try growing some next spring. There are so many varieties!
    Kelly recently posted…Flower CycleMy Profile

    1. I’m loving the dahlias, are growing very fast, have a lot of flowers, and they are cheap to replace if they don’t survive the winter. Last time I was in a garden centre I said that I’m going to take 2 dahlias and I will see at home where I can fit them in the garden. I just couldn’t leave without both. 🙂

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