December 2022

update: It’s the first time I’m writing an update like this, but the fireworks in London yesterday were just amazing and I wanted to share a couple of pictures from BBC. The whole thing was so beautiful, starting with the Lionesses’ historical winning the Euro 2022, it marked 50 years of London’s Pride, sent a […]

Christmas gifts

Christmas 2022

Christmas this year must have been one of the most curious ones, mainly because of the gifts we bought to each other, my husband and I. As usual, we went for an advent-calendar type of gifts, ranging from some chocolate or the strangest one I got – mix of nails (more on that in the […]

BL outside

KCL – 1st term

KCL – 1st term of year 3 is officially over today. I’m so happy, especially as yesterday I received feedback for my dissertation proposal which gave me a grade in the 1st class bracket. I also uploaded my last assignment and I’m very happy with how it turned out, the topic was so exciting and […]



I am sharing this post today for two reasons. First of all I want to show off my new artwork, that is now on the wall near the entrance. It looks amazing, I always loved the Dutch style of still art with beautiful flowers and insects on a black backdrop. The second reason is because […]

Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells or Toll of the Bells is Ukrainian, something I found out recently. I thought it would be interesting to know about it. Read about the song’s story in this article or watch the first clip. This is the short story of Mykola Leontovych’s Shtshedryk. It was performed in US 100 years […]


November 2022

I’m a bit late with my update on November. I will change the date to 30th November at the end of this month, to keep it tidy. The reason for the delay is that I was very busy in London with my studies. It was a very full and busy month overall, so this is […]