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Chapters Of Us

My husband and I decided in the weekend to go out for a drink. We went towards the city centre, and looked around the Baltic triangle area. So we came across Chapters Of Us. It looked so nice from outside that we had to go there.

Chapters Of Us

Inside, the cafe looks even more great. I love the decor.

Chapters Of Us. Inside

I took advantage and got a picture as soon as we sat down at the table. That was a good idea, as by the time we got our coffee cups, in a coupe of minutes, some people sat at the opposite end of our very long table. In a few more minutes, two more tables were filled with customers.

sharing platter at Chapters Of Us

We’ve decided to have something to eat too, so we got the platter to share. It had carrot and peanut hummus, smashed avocado and rarebit fondue dips with sourdough crackers and fresh vegetable crudities. This sharing platter is £8. It was so good, I did enjoy it a lot. A bit salty for me, but I eat less salt than most people, so that was to be expected. Otherwise, it was very good and I would have that again. They had vegan options too, but, as we wanted something to share, we took this vegetarian option.

Their food menu is not big, with only a few options in total, and I like that, because most options are vegan or vegetarian, and they seem really exciting and interesting.


Of course, we’ve had coffee too, as that was the whole purpose for our visit. I had a lovely time, the staff was very efficient and friendly. The prices are good and I would like to go there again.

Chapters Of Us is on 44 Simpson St, Liverpool L1 0AX. Sunday is closed, but have a look on their website for more details. There are some parking spaces nearby, free for 2 hours.

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  1. That looks like a delicious platter! I love sourdough. Your husband’s coffee or hot chocolate with all the cream looks very good too. I love the interiors of the place as well. Thank you for sharing!

    Julia xx

  2. The menu has some tasty-looking items. So the hummus was good? Were there chickpeas in it or was it just made from the carrots and peanuts?

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