Good things

This will be my last Good things post in this format. I will change it for next year, more about it in the Blogging Goals for next year. As it’s my last good things post I will make a list of good things that happened this year and more recently. 1. Christmas Fruit Cake and […]

Christmas 2016

We had a beautiful Christmas, with lots of wonderful gifts, delicious food and a lot of fun. At the beginning Festus was much more interested in us and in the gifts under the tree than posing for pictures. This year we got matching Christmas jumpers! Basically we found one we both loved, in the men’s […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! I hope you will have an amazing Christmas, filled with joy, delicious food, nice gifts, lovely weather and, if you fancy, some cocktails too. If you are not celebrating Christmas, I hope you have fun and a few relaxing days before the NYE. Thank you so much for reading my blog. You, my […]

My 2016

This year was amazing, so many wonderful things happened. A lot of not-so-pleasant things happened too, but I rarely mention them on my blog as I don’t want to take the time to write about the negatives, it’s enough I’m thinking of them from time to time (more often that I should). I usually make […]

Courtesy car

In late October, after a work-related trip, my husband and I were heading back home. On a narrow road in a village, the lorry in front of us knocked down a branch. My husband is an amazing driver, he managed to stop the car safely. We had no damage from the branch. But the lady […]

Blogging Goals for 2016 – How I did

This year was the first time I’ve set up blogging goals. I manage to do pretty much all of them, with a single exception. I enjoyed this so much that I will set up new goals for next year. I will most likely post them at the beginning of next year. 1. Farm of the […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love Christmas. I have so many happy memories from my childhood regarding Christmas, the bakes, the tree, the gifts, us enjoying a wonderful time together. When I moved away from my childhood home I wanted to recreate this with my family and Christmas is important for us. Because we don’t have snow here and […]

Best 9 On Instagram

For me the end of the year means I can sit back and think for a while of the things that happened and what will happen next year. When I saw last year the Best 9 on Instagram I was very curious. I started using Instagram only for a few months, so it wasn’t very […]

Personal Goals for 2016 – How I did

Last year I finished all my goals, but this year Snowdon caught me out. Anyway, I did everything else and I’m pleased. I have new ideas of goals for next year. This is how I did. 1. Good things jar. DONE! I wrote the notes at the beginning of the year, but kept forgetting about […]

Vegan menu at Vapiano

Vegan menu at Vapiano

Imagine my delight when I was invited to sample the new vegan menu at Vapiano, the Manchester branch. It’s not the first time I’ve been to Vapiano, we had lunch a couple of months ago, I’ve been to a blind taste test and I’ve been involved in their Eat Pasta Run Faster campaign. Not only […]