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Bedtime routine

I’ve been nominated by Llinos to do the Bedtime tag. I wanted to make it a little different, so I write about my bedtime routine in detail, while I answer all the questions in the tag. I’m not nominating other bloggers, so if someone wants to join in, leave me your links as I would love to have a look.

Bedtime routine

My bedtime routine is the same, regardless if we went out or we had a cozy night in, the only difference is that if we are going out I’ll remove my makeup. At home I don’t wear any makeup. Also, the hour might be different too.

Describe your usual bedtime routine.
I will always brush my teeth and clean my face. Only after that I would change into my pyjamas. After that I will apply lip balm, eye cream, night cream. After that I brush my hair and plait it, it’s too long to let it loose. Next thing I do is I would pop into bed, where I would apply hand cream. I would read a few pages and then go to sleep. It’s a simple routine.

What are your favourite pyjamas?
I don’t have a favourite pyjama, I like all of them.

What is your current bedtime reading?
This year I did a small change, I’m reading 2 books at the same time. One during the day, when I have some time off and the second one before going to sleep.
The during-the-day book is something exciting, that would most likely make me want to read more and more and that would push the time I went to sleep further. So, at night time I picked a book that is interesting, but less exciting. Currently I’m reading about Fermat’s Last Theorem. Before that I read The Golden Ratio, see my review. When it comes to this sort of books, I can stop after 5-10 pages.

What would I find on your bedside table?
As you can see in the picture, only the lamp and flowers. The creams are there only for this picture. I keep the hand cream where the book is and the other creams are at their place. I don’t like mess. I have 3 drawers and 2 shelves, one of them with a door and I keep there a lot of things, so I don’t have to have mess on the table. Both bedside tables are costume made.
I don’t have flowers on the bedside table every day, but I try to have flowers as much as possible. If I or my husband buys a bunch of flowers, I would take one or two and put them in a small vase in the bedroom. There are some orchids on the window sill, but I can’t see them at night time, as the blinds are low. These Hyacinth are from my garden, so they are a bit more special for me.

What scent makes you sleepy?

What are your usual bedtime and wake up times?
I go to sleep around 10.30pm – 11pm and I wake up at 6.30am. I wish I could sleep less, but I can’t do anything about it.

What are your top three bedtime products?
I don’t have 3 products, but 4: lip balm, eye cream, night cream, and hand cream.
My lip balm is from The Celtic Herbal Company, handmade in Wales. I also have soaps from them and a great foot balm. I’m very pleased with their products.
The eye cream and the hand cream are from No7. While I can’t say I’m over the moon with the eye cream, it’s fine. I love the hand cream though, I blogged about it, it’s No7 Overnight Revitalising Hand Treatment, this is my 2nd tube.
The night cream is made by me, using a night cream base and two essential oils, that I bought from a local farm, Inglenook Farm.

What is your most common sleeping position?
On a side.

Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?
The phone, so I can charge it.

What is your worst bedtime habit?
I might look at news before going to sleep for a minute, but I try to avoid it now and it’s working. Maybe I should put the phone to charge in the living room, this will make it easier for me.


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  1. I take my phone and laptop to bed with me :D. My fav pjs are some star wars ones I have 🙂

    Corinne x

  2. I love having a routine for bed time, especially if it means switching everything off early. x

  3. This is a really good post. My bed time routine is so important to me for a good relax and having fresh skin in the morning 🙂

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