Empties from the Body Shop

This is the aftermath of 3 months in lockdown, the number of empties from the Body Shop reached a staggering 19. If you follow beauty bloggers you are familiar with the monthly empties post. If not, this is a post in which beauty bloggers show what products they finished that month.

Initially I wanted to keep the bottles so I can take them back to the Body Shop for recycling. But, when I saw how many they are, I thought it would be fun to show it on my blog. Besides what you can see in this picture, I also finished three or four soaps, face mask, conditioner from another brand (I put that in the recycling bin), and a perfume (glass, so it ended up in the recycling bin too).

Empties from the Body Shop

Just before the lockdown, in mid March I went to the Body Shop with a few empty bottles, so this is only what I’ve used during lockdown. Right now I have a couple more things almost empty, like a bottle of shampoo and another face cream, but I really need to take these to be recycled, as they do take a bit of space. I will also take advantage to make a small order to collect when I’m in store.

Empties from the Body Shop. List:

British Rose shower gel
Pink Grapefruit shower gel
British Rose body yogurt
Almond Milk and Honey cream scrub
Frosted berries scrub
British Rose hand cream
Absinthe purifying hand cream
Strawberry shampoo
Strawberry shower gel (I used that as a shampoo)
Strawberry conditioner
Carrot cream (face)
Moringa hand cream
Coconut body scrub
Coconut hand cream
Born Lippy lip balm
Vitamin E face cream
Hemp hand cream
Hemp lip balm
Activist for men (something my husband contributed to the empties)

If you remember my post about the Advent calendar from last year – Dream Big Advent Calendar, some of these products were from that one. I almost finished it. As today, only 3 items from it are not open, a mist which I’m going to use when I go out, but with the lockdown it doesn’t seem like I need it; a body butter, as my husband surprised me with the same butter, but in the 350g version which takes ages to finish (I’m not complaining because I love it); and a face mask.

Do you have any idea how many cosmetics do you use in a month or three? I had no clue, so this was an eye opener for me.

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  1. Lovely post! I haven’t been in The Body Shop in a while, but love their body butters. It’s awesome that they recycle empties. I did a few empties posts when I first got into blogging, and they are fun to read. 🙂 xx


  2. Wow, you’ve used up so many products! I’m actually a little impressed, Anca! Haha. Even in three months, I barely run out of a single bottle of shampoo… I wonder how it is. I don’t stock on products anymore (I only have one item of each product I need: one shower gel, one body lotion, etc.) and I very rarely run out. Thanks for sharing the products you’ve used, some of them sound pretty good, like the Frosted Berries scrub and the Coconut body scrub!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

    Julia x

    1. With my long hair, which I have to shampoo twice every time I wash my hair, I get through lots of bottles of shampoo.
      The scrubs from the Body Shop are really good, the sugar ones, so do try them if you fancy one. I have now a lemon one, which is amazing. For me is easier to stock up on cosmetics, as I order online most of the time and if I get over a certain amount I get free shipping. So, when I run out of something, I buy a few more items, as I’m going to use them in the next few months anyway.

  3. Wow, that’s a real eye opener! I have no idea how many bottles I use in a month, let alone three. I recognise a few Body Shop favourites here: the Pink Grapefruit shower gel is one that my husband and I both love. And I’m a sucker for pretty much all the Body Shop hand creams, they are soooo good! Lisa

  4. You went through a lot and I think it’s great you can take the containers back in for recycling. Normally I just put mine in our standard recycling.

    I just received my recent order from Bath & Body Works today, right before I planned to shower… so I was pleased to open one of the new gels I’d bought. (Sun-Washed Citrus)

    1. I can put the containers in the recycling bin, but I prefer to take it to the shops, as I feel it sends a message that I care about recycling and that I approve of their campaigns. It’s also a reason to make a small purchase and collect it in store (although my husband and I have different views on what a small order means when it comes to cosmetics).
      It’s so exciting to open a new shower gel, isn’t it? 🙂

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