Toast Ale

Toast Ale

I mentioned Toast Ale on my blog before, in a round-up, but today I’m going to talk only about them. If you want to know more, check their website. My readers know that I disclose any collaborations I have, but I feel the need to emphasise that this is not a collaboration. I purchased the […]

Down at the Hatch - mushrooms

Down at the Hatch

My husband and I went to Down at the Hatch twice last week. First time we wanted to have a chat without any distractions. We both loved it so much that we went again, for a date night. Down at the Hatch is a vegetarian junk food bar&restaurant. All of their food can be made […]

Highlights from Bucharest

Highlights from Bucharest

In July I shared details on where I grew up. The post was popular with my readers and it was lovely to make. So, today I’m sharing Highlights from Bucharest, a city I lived in for years, before moving to UK. I shared previously two posts from Bucharest, from the park Herastrau and Comana Monastery. […]

Wild wings

September 2020

A few things happened in September and the most important one was that Festus turned 11! Also, I started my second year at Oxford, which is exciting and scary at the same time, as I have two essays to write by mid-November. I’m part time and still working, so time is limited. I had a […]

Lytham Hall

Lytham Hall was the last place I’ve been to for Heritage Open Days this year. I shared lots of pictures, so please enjoy. The burger we had for lunch was vegan, which was awesome. You might also like National Trust Museum of Childhood Great Budworth Roman Baths Museums in Hartlepool Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Tour. Pictures […]



Last weekend we went to Morecambe. It was a lovely day, sunny and great for walking on the beach. It was also very interesting to see the Morecambe Winter Gardens, an old theatre which fights for its survival. Isn’t this a gorgeous view? This is the outside of the Morecambe Winter Gardens. It was open […]

Festus’s 11th Birthday

A couple of days ago it was Festus’s 11th Birthday. I’ll share lots of pictures from the day, so I hope that you’ll enjoy them. He was very curious how his bottle of ChamPaws is. Didn’t like the taste, but loved the bottle. He loves Champagne bottles. I shared a short clip with him getting […]

V Rev burger

V Rev

Last month we went to V Rev and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. They are one of the best known vegan places in Manchester. I’ve been there before, in their old premisses and I wasn’t as delighted as I was this time. You can check their website if you fancy trying their food. One of […]