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Zazie, Verona

Zazie is a vegetarian restaurant in Verona. We had a light lunch and their vegan options are really good. They have restaurants in many Italian cities, including Bologna and Modena. While I wanted to blog mainly about vegan places, as this is vegetarian and has so many vegan dishes, I decided to blog about it. Their menu is really good and healthy, with lots of fruit juices and smoothies on offer, salads, and houmous. They also have desserts and we reviewed these too.


The food arrived quickly and it was delicious. We had roasted veggies, houmous, and veggie balls. All were very well cooked and delicious too.

Interior of Zazie

I could snap a picture of the interior when it was empty, which was not too often as there were lots of customers coming and going, some taking smoothies and food as take away and others were staying in.


For drinks they have smoothies, pressed juice as a mix of fruits and vegetables, and flavoured water. The flavoured water was very nice, so I do recommend getting that.


We tried three desserts between both of us: tiramisu, salami biscuit, and pie. They were a bit dry, but ok overall.

Zazie Verona

Zazie Verona is in Via Gaetano Trezza 1A, IT 37129. They are open from morning till afternoon. Most Italian restaurants, at least the vegan ones are open for lunch and dinner, so if you want to eat something after 3pm you’ll find that most places are closed. This one is not, so it was perfect for us, as we usually have a lunch a bit later as our breakfast is always very hearty.

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    1. The pie had the pastry a bit too thick, that was my only negative comment about it. The custard was delicious though.

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