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20 Years of F1

I talked about this before, I’ve been a F1 fan for 20 years. It all started when I saw half of race at Magny-Cours in France and I was intrigued. I watched the following race, it was at Silverstone, on 12 July, in 1998. So, this weekend I can say that I’ve been an F1 fan for the last 20 years!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I watched excited how fast were the cars, the sound of the engines, the fastness of the pit stops. It was magnificent. I was impressed with the winner of that race too. His name is Michael Schumacher. I will always consider myself an MS fan. I talked about my love for F1 in detail after his accident.
When he retired, I stopped watching F1. A few years ago I’ve started watching it again. After a short period in which I was cheering for Hamilton because he was the only Brit with chances to the title, I’ve learned more about him and I don’t like his style.

But Max Verstappen joined F1 and I think he is the next Schumacher. He is an amazing driver and his driving style is great. I like his attitude too. Max seems more like an old-school driver, thing that brought some controversies with it. In the lights-to-flag procession era, having drivers like Max made things exciting.

2 years ago I went to Let’s Race for my birthday

Michael Schumacher’s car from 1998, a Christmas gift

Formula One Years by Timothy Collings
On Coffee&Books I published recently a book review of Formula One Years by Timothy Collings. It is a history of F1, from the 1950s. It was very interesting.

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  1. I love F1. I think Max has learnt from his mistakes this year and has reigned it in slightly and is showing maturity. I think his team-mate Ricciardo is great… He always seems to have a smile on his face and I love his optimism. Both Red Bull drivers make things interesting.

    Schumacher was always the rival for me. I was a Damon Hill fan, then a Hakkinen fan (and a McLaren fan). I’m now a Hamilton fan (so had to move from McLaren to Mercedes). It’s so sad to see McLaren and Williams in the state they are in. I really hope both teams can lift themselves up (especially Williams, as they’re really struggling financially).

    Whilst I respect the family’s decision and Michael’s privacy, I think it’s sad that Michael is seemingly being kept away from those who surrounded him for years. I think being surrounded by friends and the F1 scene might boost his long term recovery, but then we don’t know his condition and can’t really speculate.

    1. I’m not too keen on Ricciardo. I used to like his jokes and smiles, until he starting doing things I don’t like, for example drinking out of his shoes on the podium. Last race he wanted to be in the back, although is was his turn to in front. I think he doesn’t show the sportmanship it should.

      I’m very sorry for Williams too. Maybe they can bring it around.

      As for Michael, while I would love to know more about his condition, the best thing for his children is to keep quiet. Mike and Gina should be able to focus on their careers, not being asked constantly about their father. Especially with Mike that would be an issue, as he is a racing driver.

  2. The F1 reminds me very strongly of my childhood years up to aged 11- so many memories of watching the Grand prix!

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