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Last month I’ve blogged about Buckt (Collaboration*), a monthly activities subscription box, after doing a few of the activities. If you’ve missed it, check this post. This month I though is best to show you how the box looks like and talk a bit more about the booking process and the activities for Manchester. If you want to see me doing the activities, make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram. Also, if you want to see more, including activities from Birmingham, you can check (and follow) their instagram account as well.


This is the box. It’s small enough to fit through the letter box, that’s convenient if you are busy with work or just out. I have the DUO box, so there are two booklets in the box, one for each member. The booklets contain the five activities for that month. Last month there were: Bingo night (with drinks and meal), a visit to a farm, ping pong, a photoshoot, and tickets for a lager festival.

This month the activities are: Escape Room, One Hour Game of Snooker or Pool, Skateboarding Lesson, African Drumming Class, and A Game of Laser Tag. I already tried three of the activities we have in the Buckt April box before, the escape room, the pool, and, as strangely as it sound, African drumming. All of the three activities I would love to do again. The escape rooms have different themes, so no two are alike and they are puzzling and entertaining. I’m looking forward to do that again. My husband and I played pool many times, so that’s that. As for the African drumming, I’ve tried it at a festival in Liverpool and I thought is so much fun. Now that I get to try a 2h lesson, it’s even better.
The other two activities are laser tag and that sounds exciting and… skateboarding!! That sounds crazy and scary, but I want to try it. I’m sure I’m going to be bad at it and I just hope I’m not going to break my legs or something else, but I’m going to go there. Worst case scenario, I’m going to stay on a side and take pictures of my husband who is going to love this, I’m sure of that.

Buckt - activities

In the booklets there are all the necessary details, like when you can book the activities and the location, with some details about the activity. To book, you need to fill out a form on their website and wait for the confirmation. You can pick five dates that would be suitable for you. You need to book by the 14th of next month, e.g. by 14th May with the activity completed by 31st May for the April box. That gives you plenty of time to do the activities you want.

Let’s talk about money, Escape Room is £19 per person, One Hour Game of Snooker or Pool is £6.90, the Skateboarding Lesson is £8 per person, African Drumming Class is £7 per person, and Laser Tag is £5 per person. That means in total, the activities worth £84.90! Considering the DUO box is £25 that is a staggering saving. Also, if you have friends that want to join in, you can buy additional passes for them at a lower price.

It’s so worth it.  Think of the money saved or the activities you might not have tried, like me with the skateboarding.

*Collaboration. All opinions are my own. I don’t receive any money if you sign up, but I think you should because the box is worth it.

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  1. OOoh, that sounds a great idea! I would love to do this! I did one Escape room and I LOVED it (even though we didn’t escape- we needed about 5 more minutes- should have asked for clues- some were SO obscure!).
    Glad you enjoyed the drumming! I teach African Drumming and I did a taster workshop for year 1’s and their parents and they loved it!

  2. This sounds great, especially for people who want to try new experiences.

  3. It really is an incredible bargain, but I guess it’s also a great way to get exposure and drum up business. Speaking of drumming… that’s what fascinate me most in this box. I look forward to hearing more about it (and photos!). I had a skateboard as a kid, but those days are long past for me. I use to love to play pool, too… so that would be another I’d enjoy.

    I can’t remember – did you sign up for a certain number of months of boxes? I hope you have more coming since I’m really enjoying hearing about this.

    1. It’s a really great subscription. I’m going to blog about it for months to come. 🙂

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