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Watson’s Vegan Bar

Watson’s Vegan Bar is a lovely vegan place in Leicester. Donald Watson was the one who created The Vegan Society, in Leicester, in 1944. He was told he could not survive on a vegan diet. He became vegetarian at 14 and turned vegan in his 30s. He did manage to survive on a vegan diet… until his death in 2005, aged 95!!

Watson's Vegan Bar outside

The bar looks amazing. I love the decor. I could only take a few pictures because it was so busy. So, I took a picture before guests.

Watson's Vegan Bar inside

Look how lovely it is. Because it looks so beautiful, the food is great, and the cocktails are fab, it was full on a Friday evening. I highly recommend making a booking. We didn’t book, as we were in passing, between London and our hotel further north, as the following day we were going to Leeds.
We could stay in the bar area and have some snacks, but the table was only available for a limited time. As we had no idea if we could get there it was not an issue for us. I imagine that in the summer months it will be even more crowded.


This ceiling is also beautiful.


They do serve cocktails and it was great.


My husband had flower tea, which is a flowering tea. It was so nice to see it “bloom”. I would have had the same thing if I’d realised that is a flowering tea.


They have a snacks on offer in the bar area and there is an Indian restaurant with a full menu. It was full, so we had a few snacks instead. It was lovely and I would gladly eat any of those again.


Half of a car as decor. That looks so unusual for a bar, but I think it is so nice.

Watson's Vegan Bar

Watson’s Vegan Bar is on 94 Granby St, Leicester, LE1 1DJ.

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  1. It looks like a fantastic place! While flowering teas have never been my favorite to drink, I love to watch them “brew”. Clearly Mr. Watson was a living testimony to a vegan lifestyle.
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