2018 Goals: blog, personal, travel

Instead of making 3 posts, like I did last year, I made only one. It’s easier to have a look during the year and see how it goes. Most of the goals are similar to the ones in 2017. Again, when it comes to blogging I’m not going to think of stats. With the personal goals I’m very relaxed. As for travel, it’s more a bucket list and not a goal. If I can’t make it, is not really an issue.

2018 Goals: blog, personal, travel

Blogging goals for 2018

1. Pub reviews, every other month. I did a pub of the month last year and it was great. Now I will keep doing it, but not necessarily monthly.

2. Villages, every other month. I want to visit and share pictures from small, local or not so local, villages.

3. Fashion & Beauty. I enjoyed very much talking about fashion and beauty last year. So, I will continue to blog, once a month about these subjects. I’ve decided on a post about fashion and a post about beauty every other month. This way I will keep my Style section updated and so far these posts were quite popular. If I have more things to blog about regarding both fashion and beauty, I will.

4. Taste the World and Royal Recipes. I know I should be more consistent with Taste the World, so I’m adding it as a target. I want to make 15 new countries this year. So far I’ve cooked 21, and I enjoyed trying new meals a lot. I need a bit of motivation to cook more for this challenge. As for Royal recipes, I’ve only started it, but I hope I will share 10 recipes this year. It’s a nice number, not too demanding.

5. Reviews. I will continue with at least a monthly review this year too. I had no idea I will enjoy doing these posts so much.

6. 1 Photo an hour. I had on the list for last year and didn’t do it. I hope I will do it this year. Sounds very interesting, but I’m yet to set a day for it.

7. Update both blogs. I feel I need a change, so I want to update both blogs. With websites, this is something you “have” to do.

8. Post regularly. At the moment I’m posting every other day more or less. I want to continue with a new post at 2-3 days. It’s not too demanding and it works.

Personal goals

1. Lose some weight. This must be on most people’s resolution. I’ve started to gain weight, especially before Christmas as I was ill. When I have a cold and fever, I’m hungry all the time, so I gained weight. Less activities and more food often leads to that, no surprises. I’m going to take this as an incentive to lose a few pounds. I don’t want to set a target or a deadline though.

2. Sew more or do more crafty stuff. I loved doing fondant figurines last year, so this year I want to keep doing these things.

3. Make 5 from 40 before 40 list. Last year I thought I did 5, but ended up with 4. I hope I can do this year 5.

Travel Bucketlist 2018

1. London. I want to see more in London. I’m heading to London this month, so it’s something I will be able to cross of my list soon.

2. Wales. I want to visit something new in Wales. It’s a part of the country that I like.

3. Scotland. It was on my list last year and I didn’t have the chance to get there, so I will add it again. Maybe this year I will be able to visit Scotland.

4. Eyam. Is a small village that I want to visit for a while, but never actually got to go there.

5. Visit 3 castles. It doesn’t matter which ones, I want to see three castles this year.

Do you have any goals this year?

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  1. Some awesome goals here, I wish you luck but I’m sure you won’t need it and will do awesome. I’d really like to visit Wales at somepoint too, I’m not sure where though…
    So many fab places up over the border and many with castles too so that could tick off two in one go haha.


  2. These are all lovely goals, and it’s great that you’re not putting any pressure on yourself to realise them, especially those related to blogging. We can get so caught up in getting better that it becomes less enjoyable sometimes.
    I hope you get to travel and visit three castles – we can never see enough of them!

    Julia x

  3. It’s a very well balanced list, and I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly with it!
    I do love Scotland, hope you make it there in 2018!

  4. They all sound like great goals! I’m excited to see more of your recipes, especially Royal Recipes!
    Eyam looks extremely interesting, I hope you get to visit it soon!

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