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Kew Gardens in Autumn

The post about Kew Gardens is the last one from our trip to London this month. We have another trip to London planned for next month, so plenty of London related posts will follow. Maybe even faster if I’ll have a couple of hours more to spear on Monday, when I’m going to London with work.

Kew Gardens
Kew Palace looks lovely, although it’s a little smaller than I though. The palace is not open to the public in Winter.

Kew Gardens

One of the loveliest attraction in Kew Gardens is Palm House. It’s very hot and humid in the greenhouse and there are so many wonderful plants to see, like mango, papaya, starfruit, different types of banana palms. There is a high walkway and seeing the plants from above is beautiful, it offers a different perspective.

Kew Gardens

0 Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens
In the Palm House there is a small aquarium at the lower level.

Kew Gardens
This is a coffee plant and I bought a small one. I wanted a coffee plant for a long time and I’m delighted with it. So far the plant is doing great.

Kew Gardens
Bamboo is a grass, the largest species will grow up to 25m in the wild. It can be used in many ways and it’s so eco-friendly. I have socks made out bamboo and I would gladly buy jumpers and other clothing made with bamboo as it feel so comfortable. It’s also used as building material or for musical instruments.

Kew Gardens
This is how much a bamboo will grow in one day.

Kew Gardens
This is a Banana blossom. I made a salad with banana blossom and it’s really interesting. The blossom is not sweet, as the fruits are. Before processing it, the blossom is quite bitter.

After the Palm House, we went to the Treetop walkway. When I saw the mesh-like floor my heart sank. I’m afraid of heights. Anyway, I climbed the stairs to the top and started walking. The structure is fluid and moves, that didn’t help with my fear. I managed to walk all the walkway.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

This is me, scared. The view is stunning and it’s a very safe place, but my fobia of heights made me feel uncomfortable.

I would walk again on it, because it’s how I deal with my phobia. Going down was the hardest thing I did, I felt like I’m on a catwalk, as I never looked down.


The rest of the garden is beautiful, but it’s so big that we didn’t have time to see everything. We’ve been to the Flora Japonica exhibition, I loved it.





The last stop was The Hive, a structure inspired by scientific research into the health of bees.


This was amazing. I took a piece of wooden stick and hold it in my teeth, when I covered my ears, I could feel how the bees are communicating with each other. It was such a great experience.



The most unluckiest tree, it was struck the lightning twice and was hit by a small aeroplane.

Have you been to Kew Gardens?

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