5 Most popular posts this year

I thought it would be interesting to make a list of the most popular posts this year on both my blogs. First of all, I was amazed by what were the most popular, I wouldn’t have imagined this. Obviously, most of them are from Spring-Summer, as I get traffic from google and more time a post spends on the blog, more time it has to be searched for. Some of the most viewed posts were from last year and two years ago, but for this post I’ve chose only the firsts posts I wrote this year.

Collage of five pictures

These are the 5 Most popular posts this year on my blog.

1. Frodsham, see more details about the town.
I would have never guessed it would be so popular. This inspired me to add a goal on my list, to visit small towns or villages. I love doing that and, by the looks of it, my readers love to read and see them too. It’s a win-win situation.

2. ASDA Wonky Veg Box, wonky veggies in a box.
I’m happy this is one of the most popular. I care about reducing waste and I’m glad I was able to raise awareness about ASDA’s program.

3. Makeup organizer, see the pictures with both make-up organizers.
Another surprise, as I’m not a beauty blogger. I have two organizers that are amazing. One I have at home and the second one is at the caravan. It’s so much easier for me to have everything in one place instead of drawers.

4. Behind the scenes of blog photography: backgrounds, wooden and paper.
I shared my backgrounds because I thought other bloggers would like to see them, maybe they get inspired. I had no idea though it will be so popular. Next year I’m going to talk more about the unseen parts of blogging.

5. BlogOnXmas 2017, details about the conference, including the goodie bag.
It was a lovely conference and my readers seem to enjoy reading about it too. How nice is that. It’s good for me to know that my posts about different blogging events are interesting for the ones that are reading my blog.

As a bonus, next one is 6. Why I’m Never going to say No to Cake, one of my favourite posts to write, about a healthy relation with food.

5 Most Popular Posts on CookStyle

5 Most popular posts on CookStyle. I was just as surprised with this list.

1. How to cook Kalettes. Kalettes are a new type of veggie and, obviously, people were looking for how to cook them. It’s something I do often, when I buy an ingredient I haven’t used before.

2. Bosch MUM4807GB Stand Mixer, the review proved to be very popular. Again, I think most of the traffic for this post came from google.

3. Vegan peanut butter risotto. I like vegan risotto and I’m delighted to see that my peanut butter risotto was a success. I liked it a lot, it’s different.

4. Potato wedges, quite an easy recipe to make. But, I assume the easiest ones are the most daunting when you start cooking.

5. Victoria sponge, the recipe for this amazing cake is here. I love Victoria sponge and I’m glad it proved to be popular on my blog. I’m quite keen on British cuisine, so more traditional recipes to follow.

Swan Eclairs

Another bonus, next one is 6. Swan eclairs – see how to make the swans here.

Do you blog? Have you made a list of your most popular posts?