We participated at BioBlitz in Parkgate. Friday it was the bat walk and on Saturday we were able to participate at 3 walks: Flora of the Sea Wall, lead by Dr Hilary Ash; Kids Bug Hunt and Butterfly Walk, lead by Dr Adam Britt.

Bat walk

It was our first bat walk. I love this little furry creatures since I saw them at Rotterdam ZOO a few years ago. We weren’t able to take pictures because it was very dark, but it was a great experience. Lovely people, a very nice leader who told us a lot of things and a very great feeling when we saw and heard a bat.

I received a bat detector, but I preferred to let hubby use it.

Saturday morning we had some excitement before we reached Parkgate, but that’s another story.

Flora of the Sea wall

The walk was already started when we arrived, but we had the opportunity to see some plants and hear interesting stories.

The pink Valerian


A black mouth snail




This plant wasn’t in her natural habitat there. It was brought by the dogs on their coat.


Wales, from the sea wall.


Bug Hunt

I wanted to catch some bugs, so we joined the kids. I was able to catch a few bugs and this was very nice because I was able to surpass my childhood phobia of bugs.

The bumblebee was the 2nd bug I caught. The first one was a very small spider.


Here I caught a spider.


And a cricket. Catching the cricket was a little adventure, but it was worth it.


Obviously, I set free all the bugs I caught.


Someone from the group gave me this very small snail. It was nice to feel him move on my hand and to watch him so closely.


Butterfly walk

Unfortunately there are less butterflies this year due to all the rain from July and August.
Enjoy some pictures of the butterflies.




There was another walk planned, but hubby had to do something so we left earlier.