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10 Good things

Prepare for lots of food related good things this time. I was very busy with work and I wasn’t able to do much of other things these last couple of weeks. Today I’m enjoying the sun, I blog and I have washing on the line in the garden feeling like Spring is near. Tomorrow it should be even better, when I finish my household chores, the washing and cleaning, also a little bit of cooking.

1. F1 simulator at the Gadget Show. I’ve been in simulators before, but at the Gadget Show I was able to go in an F1 simulator, a lap drove by Hamilton at Silverstone. It was so exciting. The lap felt bumpy, so I can only imagine it feels even more bumpy in a real F1 car.

2. Weather. I enjoyed the moody weather. It started as a sunny day and in the afternoon, while driving home it started to snow. In 1 hour and a few miles further south it was sunny again and the sunset looked beautiful.

3. New vase. Planning to buy a handmade vase from the same artist I bought before a beautiful slim vase, a couple of years ago. Choosing the design and size makes the purchase even more exciting. I am not an impulse buyer and even less when it comes to home decor. It’s just a vase, but the whole process gives me joy. A post about it will follow.

4. Coffee choux from Sainsbury’s. Those choux are delicious, not too sweet and full of flavour. I think I had more than I should have these days.

5. Provolone & Balsamic Vegetables Sandwich. A sandwich from Waitrose, made with balsamic grilled vegetables, cheese, mayo, rocket in tomato bread. It was delicious, I see it’s slightly cheaper on their website than at the shop on the motorway, but it was so delicious. I think a ready-made supermarket sandwich can’t be better than that.

6. Grilled cheese and houmous for breakfast. Maybe not the healthiest option, but so delicious.

7. Deborah Meaden’s book. This month I’m reading biographies and at the moment I devour “Common sense rules”. It’s an interesting book and I love the fact that she is so open about lots of things. I also think I have a lot to learn business-wise from it. I have a couple more biographies that I plan to read.

8. Hubby’s amazing way to drive. He managed to avoid a pheasant that was crossing the road. This time of year there are so many pheasants on the countryside roads. In the same day, he also braked fast and saved an owl. The owl was flying very low while crossing the motorway.

9. Meeting wonderful people. I had the chance of meeting a couple who were supportive about my work and very appreciative too.

10. The dog. I have to talk about Festus again. He was so sweet and well behaved these last days.

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  1. Hello Anca!
    What lovely experiences, thoughts and moments you have had-I love the sound of your breakfast even though I wouldn’t have combined those too!! Good to know your reading is motivating you. I’m not sure my Whodunnit books inspire my life!!!!x

  2. Oh my grilled cheese and hummus for breakfast sounds like the best thing ever! Can’t go wrong with a good grilled cheese right!

  3. Ooh! Loved your Good Things list. This is my first time of reading this particular section of yours!

    Love the look of that grilled cheese!!
    You have a rottweiler? My uncle had two of them, and though I loved them to bits, I always thought they were super difficult to handle! Maybe because my uncle lived in an apartment!

  4. Lots of food! That grilled cheese looks DIVINE! Well done to your husband for dodging the wildlife, we had to move for an owl the other day too!!

  5. Oooh the F1 simulator sounds amazing! I’d love to have a go on that 🙂 x

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