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My name is Anca and I am a serial plant killer.

I killed my flowers/plants. I killed hubby’s citrus trees and 3 bonsai (grown from seed). I nearly killed all the plants from my office, they survived only because the cleaning lady begged me to stop “looking after” the plants.

But, I’m persistent and I want to try again and again. The fact that I could grow aromatic plants is a sign that I can grow stuff (hopefully not just what I can eat). So…today, with a little help from Festus, who has a lot of experience in gardening. I planted lovely lilies which I have from friends and ivy.


My lovely lilies. Our friends brought us these flowers after our trip to Wales, idea that came up with the 6th wedding anniversary, without knowing that at our wedding we had lilies. I was so happy when I saw them and so far I didn’t forget to water them.