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Telescope Phone Lens

I received a Telescope Phone Lens from Paladone* to try and I am delighted with it. It was the first time I’ve tried a phone lens and I wasn’t sure what to expect; how good the pictures will look, how easy was to install.

Paladone Telescope Phone Lens ready to take a picture

I tried the lens for the first time at home. It wasn’t great, indoor the lens will not work as good. I tried to take a picture of something that was only 10-12 feet away, so too close. I think it might have worked if I would have tried to take a picture of something outside, but it was dark. So, I said I will try the lens outside. A telescopic lens is meant to be used outdoors anyway.
Another issue I had when I tried at home was that the pictures were blurry because the phone was moving when I was pressing the screen to take the picture. I needed an app, to have a shutter delay. With the 5 seconds delay, there is enough time for the phone to re-focus and take a good picture.

Paladone Telescope Lens with box

In the package, besides the lens is a stand, and a cleaning cloth. The stand is very important. If you fancy the lens, you can get it from Paladone’s shop.

Picture taken with the telescope lens

This is the fist picture I’ve taken. I like how it looks, the details the phone camera can pick up with the lens are impressive. I had lower expectations, as I took the pictures quite late. Before that I was at a training day at the Hall.

Detail of the door picture taken with the telescope lens

The imagine still looks a bit shaky, but the details on the coats of arms are great. I think it would have been even more clearer if the phone was closer.

Picture taken with the phone without the lens on

This is the distance to the Hall. As you can see is very far. The lens has a clip, so is very easy to take it out or put back again.
I cropped from the imagine above. This is how the phone camera shows the details of the coat of arms without the lens. The difference is incredible. On the one with the lens the writing is clear, but in the second one the coat of arms is dark and not clear at all.

I moved the phone a bit and I took another picture.

Door taken with the telescope lens

This time I took a picture of the entrance to the shop.

Detail of door in the picture taken with the telescope lens

The details are again, very impressive. The shine on the glass panels is noticeable. Even the sign on the door is visible.

Picture taken without the lens

This is the picture without the lens. The door looks less clear. I didn’t use the phone camera zoom for taking these pictures. It’s not that good, there is a lot of noise.

I’m very pleased with the lens. Just shy of £20, I think it can be a great gift for children learning to use the camera and having a bit of fun. I will use the camera when we are going on holidays or days out. I don’t want to take the DSLR every time because it can get damaged and it’s very big. Having a small lens that fits easily in the handbag and is light is a better solution.

*PR Sample.

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  1. This is a nifty little gadget! I hardly ever use my phone for pictures (seriously in need of an upgrade!) but the photos you can get on them are amazing!

  2. That’s quite cool. I’d imagine it would make a great stocking filler; it’s so good that it comes with a mini tripod to keep it steady!

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