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The Black Prince Pub

The Black Prince is a lovely little pub located in Old Woodstock, Oxfordshire, in the same small town as the renowned Blenheim Palace. It is also the first post I’m making about the short holiday I took last month.

 The Black Prince Pub

We’ve stayed near Woodstock, so we went there for a few hours. During that time, we’ve been to a small museum, the Oxfordshire museum. I will blog about it later this month, and we went to this gorgeous pub, the Black Prince. It is a 16th century pub on the bank of the river Glyme. See more about them at

Entrance to The Black Prince

As the name of the pub suggests, this place has connections with the Black Prince. Edward was born in Woodstock, at Woodstock Palace in the 14th century, the eldest son of King Edward III. He was a great warrior, winning battles in France, at Crécy. He died in 1376, an year before his father. His son will become Richard II, and will reign for a short while, before being dethroned and killed by his cousin, the one who will be King Henry IV.

Armour at The Black Prince

I like armours and it was only suitable to have one in a pub called the Black Prince.

 Fireplace at The Black Prince

 interior at The Black Prince

The staff is nice and friendly. We’ve only ordered some drinks. Maybe, if we go there again, we’ll have something to eat. I did see some yummy vegetarian options in their menu.

Inside the pub is quite small. I wasn’t able to take pictures as it was very busy. They mention an old game on their website, is called Aunt Sally. It involves “players throw sticks or battens at a model of an old woman’s head”. If you fancy trying a very non-PC 17th century game, then ask for details at the pub.

Outside setting area. The Black Prince

We went outside to have our drinks and, luckily, we got a table near the river. The previous customers were leaving as we got there, that is a perfect timing.


We’ve had a nice chat and we’ve enjoyed the beautiful warm evening.


The Black Prince pub is at 2 Manor Road, Old Woodstock, OX20 1XJ. It has a good size car park, but it is a small pub. Because it is so nice I imagine it can get quite busy in the summer months. There are dog bowls outside, filled with water, if you have your furry friend with you.

Blenheim Palace

In the back is The Blenheim Palace. As we had other plans, we were not able to visit the palace. Luckily, the security guy allowed us to have a look. The palace was already closed when we’ve got there, after having a coffee at the pub.

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  1. What a lovely looking pub. I have heard of the game Aunt Sally before but not quite sure where.

  2. What a cute little pub! The armour looks awesome!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Anca!

  3. It looks really cute inside. The armour is very cool and as you say very fitting.

  4. What a beautiful setting and a lovely historic pub. The suit of armour is just ace.

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