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St Mary Redcliffe Church

St Mary Redcliffe Church is an 800 years old church. It’s huge and it could easily be a cathedral, but there is a cathedral too and I will post about that one later. This church is beautiful and has some very interesting features. It is also free to visit. I’ve been to Bristol before and I didn’t see this place, so I’m glad I had the time to visit it this time I’ve been there.

 St Mary Redcliffe Church

As you can see, it’s huge.


The entrance is so beautiful. There are a couple of small doors too. The door in the picture below goes towards the cafe. Unfortunately the cafe was closed when we visited. It might be open only when it’s season. Although there were quite a few visitors in the church even in mid-March.


entrance to the church

The amount of details on the pillars is impressive. I loved the architecture.

 St Mary Redcliffe Church




robe drawer

The robe drawer is so big. I have no idea if this thing has another name. If any of my readers know, please tell me.

William Canynges II

This was one of the more unusual things to see in a church. In the picture above is an effigy of William Canynges II. Well, in the picture below is another effigy of William Canynges II. They are both one next to the other and there is a very helpful stand with details on them. Without the stand I would have imagined there are two different people commemorated there. I don’t remember seeing something like this before.

William Canynges the Younger (1399 – 1474) was a very successful medieval merchant and served for five times as the Mayor of Bristol. After his wife died in 1461 he decided to became a priest. The society that helps with the upkeep of the church bears his name.

William Canynges II


The church is beautiful both inside and out. It was lovely to see it and I do recommend stopping by if you are in Bristol. There are a lot of churches in Bristol, but this is one of the most important ones if not the most important after the cathedral, of course.
It has 12 bells and sometimes the bells are rang for hours, it’s called a peal. They did that when we were in Bristol and we could hear the bells from the hotel room.


St Mary Redcliffe Church is on The Parish Office, 12 Colston Parade, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6RA.

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  1. What a beautiful church. I love all the tracery and stained glass. I’m always amazed by the artisanship in these old buildings.

    I love to hear change ringing and there aren’t that many churches in the US anymore that have bell towers where peals are rung by hand. I’m afraid it’s a dying art form.
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    1. Here is quite popular to have bell ringing. I tried it once in an old church and it was lovely, a very unusual experience.

  2. It looks beautiful! I love to hear peals! I watched a Camponology rehearsal at a church in the South Downs which I enjoyed. I’ve never actually visited Bristol!

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