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Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

I’ve always wanted a garden and now that I have I do my best to enjoy it as much as I can. That mostly means enjoying the wildlife in our garden, besides playing with the dog, having some meals in, and, of course, doing a bit of gardening.

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

In the last years, we’ve got only big birds, like magpies and pigeons at our feeding station. But, this year, we’ve started to get smaller birds, like these black birds and a few sparrows. I think the difference is made by the Passiflora. It grew a lot and the smaller birds feel safe and protected by it. The black birds are so small that some of them stay on it. How cute are these birds? Well… is true that one of them looks a bit menacing, but, even so, they are still cute.

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

The black birds are so light that some of them can stand on the Passiflora. It’s always fun to see them balancing on the delicate stems.

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

On the left fence is a pigeon, waiting for his turn to eat. The black birds will sometimes throw food for him, so  could enjoy the food without actually bothering them. It happened too often to be a coincidence.

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

As the birds are squabbling, we can’t miss them from the house. Their chirping is very load, we can hear them even if the windows are closed. So, this means that we can have a look outside to see them eat and fly and squabble. The birds are so funny.

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden

They eat that bowl, filled to the brim, in a day or two. My husband changed the slim bowl he put before with this big one, so we don’t have to top up the food a few times a day.

Enjoying the wildlife in our garden. My tips for feeding birds:

1. If you want to feed birds in your garden, make sure the garden is safe for them. Put the bird feeder in a place where cats can’t reach it easily. From that point of view, our garden is very safe, the dog is a huge (pun intended) deterrent. See the post on Festus and the pigeon from last year.

2. Another thing to consider is if they have enough food. Top up regularly and put a bigger bowl if is needed. The bowl I’m having now is a stainless steel bowl from the kitchen department. Choose the right food for them. Different birds like different kind of food, so try a few to see how it works. For us peanuts will not work, but suet pellets do. I’m not too keen on handling the suet pellets, but if this is what the birds want, this is what I buy for them.

3. If you have a bush, place the bird feeder near it, so small birds can hide in the bush if they feel a threat.

If you want to have butterflies and bees, plant some flowers. This year I’ve planted edible flowers and the insects love them. I’ve seen so many bees at the edible flowers that I’ve made sure I harvest only a small portion, so they can have their nectar. It’s wonderful to see white and yellow butterflies flying around the garden too. Next year I’m going to plant a few more flowering plants, to have even more butterflies around.

This is how we are enjoying the wildlife in our garden. Do you have birds in your garden? Would you like to?

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  1. Gorgeous picture of the starlings, they are such characters. I love passiflora, bought one this year for the new garden and hoping that next year it does some serious growing. I like those suet blocks with mealworms or berries in, they always seem popular with the birdies.

  2. Ahhh, look at your starlings!!!!!!!! They are so cute, My Mum has a mass of starlings that visit her garden daily and in addition to feeders, she’s put out trays of water for them to bathe in and they have SUCH fun in there!! It is utterly adorable to watch, which we did the other day!
    We always used to get masses of starlings on the lawn in our old house once we’d mowed the lawn as it meant all the insects were on the surface for them.
    In our house now, we have feeders hanging from our shed- the little birds all line up on the roof and take it in turns to go on the feeder- mainly tits and sparrows!

  3. Wow! These are amazing photos! That is a lot of birds in the garden! Well done to those plant that help encourage this beauty!

  4. Great photos of the birds. I think they’re actually young starlings, not blackbirds. You’re lucky getting so many coming into the garden.

  5. We get quite a few birds in the garden, but next door get more birds because their garden is more enclosed. We get the odd squirrel too. I like to choose flowers which attract bees and butterflies 🙂

  6. These birds are adorable! Having birds and butterflies really makes a garden alive. It’s the little things like that, that can change a simple day. Your advice is great too Anca 🙂

    Julia x

  7. I do feed the birds and love watching them year round. We get a great variety! We also have pasture and a large pond, so I see lots of different birds and wildlife there on my morning walks. Just today I saw an egret, a kingfisher, and a beaver.

    I enjoyed looking back at the photos of Festus. You know I love Rotties.

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