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Unusual Date Ideas

I thought of writing a post on unusual date ideas for a few weeks now, when I thought of the latest things we did. I picked up five different ideas. All the activities I’m talking about can be done in Liverpool and Manchester, but some of them are available in other parts of Britain, and of course, in other countries as well. If you want to do something different with your special someone, hopefully, my post at least will inspire you to find something unusual to do in your local area.

Unusual date Ideas

I’m going to talk about all these ideas in detail and I’m going to mention how I found them and if we’ve had a special occasion to celebrated. When I’ll talk about each one, I’m going to mention where I found out about the activity as well.

Unusual date Ideas - 1 Cream tea and Concert

Unusual Date Ideas: Cream tea and Concert

For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to a tea room we both like and which I mentioned before on my blog, Cafe de Pierre, for luxury cream tea. It was similar to an afternoon tea, but without the sandwiches. We both loved the scones and the cakes. It was such a lovely experience.

After having cream tea, we went to a concert at the Philharmonic Hall. The concert was entitled Scaling the Heights and we’ve listened to Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet, very appropriate I might add, considering the occasion. It was followed by Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. After interval, the concert finished with Strauss’s An Alpine Symphony.
As you can imagine, it was a lovely experience, as we both enjoy classical music.

Unusual date Ideas - 2 Archery and Shooting Taster Session

Unusual Date Ideas: Archery and Shooting Taster Session

I found about this taster session for archery and shooting on Groupon. I thought it would be a nice idea for a date. My husband and I tried both archery and shooting before, but only for a few minutes and not a whole 2h session. So, we’ve picked a weekday and we went to the shooting range.

If you are wondering why I shared a picture of the targets and not from the session… the reason is pretty simple, I wanted to brag about my shooting prowess. My target is the one of the left. It was fun, as we had a little competition with the other people that were attending the same session, the atmosphere was lovely. I’ve enjoyed myself a lot and so did my husband.

Unusual date Ideas - 3 Ninja warrior

Unusual Date Ideas: Ninja warrior

Are you familiar with Ninja Warrior? It’s a TV show where contestants need to clear a course as fast as they can. So, I was rubbish at the ninja course, as I was expecting. Many of the challenges involve things like pull-ups and those are beyond my abilities. I fell countless times and managed to clear only a couple of obstacles (it might have been just one, but I’m going with “a couple” as I’m not sure). My husband cleared almost all of them, including the last one, the wall (over 4m/14ft in height). After that, we went to the inflatable area, where we’ve had so much fun.
It’s definitely something different to try. We’ve had some refreshments in their cafe afterwords. Of course, you’d need to be fit, but it is worth it if you can.

Unusual date Ideas - 4 Axe throwing

Unusual Date Ideas: Axe throwing

You might remember that I mentioned Axe throwing before, when we went to them for Valentine’s Day. For the first time we were rubbish at it, but this time we were fab! We’ve been there again, yesterday.

So, we’ve had some practice shots before doing a last-man-standing sort of competition. There I was crowned King as I managed to clear all the people in our group but one! I have no idea how I managed to hit the target again and again for 7 times!

After that we had a score competition, but at that one I wasn’t as good, and didn’t make it into the semifinals, like my husband did. He lost after a draw, but he was so close to getting into the final. How amazing is that?! It wasn’t something we were expecting, considering how poorly our performance was the first time.
I would happily go there again. This time we’ve had tickets included in the monthly activity box we have.

Unusual date Ideas - 5 The Romans

Unusual Date Ideas: The Romans

I have no pictures from this activity because I didn’t take my phone with me. It was another Groupon find, as I had no idea about this one as well. We had our own costumes, as in togas made out of hessian fabric.

The activity lasts for over 2 hours, with two breaks. After the teams are set up, some start with a challenge while the other team starts with another one. We’ve started with the wrestling in the sand. We’ve put on some suits that were quite heavy (I think I was given one for men as it was huge), all fancy with Roman decorations, and we wrestled in the sand. Of course, my husband let me win, as it wasn’t a fair fight.

The second challenge was to sit on a “horse” and throw the opponent from it, using a pillow. Well, I tried a strategy that involved unbalancing the horse fast, in the hope that my husband will loose his grip and that he will fall. It ended in a draw. We had a break for refreshments.

The next challenges started with tug-of-war, where I was sitting on the grass from the beginning, to make it harder for my husband to pull me. With a little help from the team leader (as in us both against my husband) I won fair-and-square.

It followed a gladiator themed challenge, where my only option was to throw my stick and push my husband’s stick, so he will fall. He won that challenge and complained that I didn’t follow the rules. But, the rules didn’t state that I can’t do that. Lastly, we had the gunny sack race, where my husband won, unless me throwing myself on the grass to reach the finish with my hands counts as winning. It was also a good way to finish that race, because hopping in the sack was horrible.

After that break, all of us went to the Colosseum. There, all of us but the ones fighting were watching from above. The guys in the ring were blindfolded and turned five times, before fighting with some huge and heavy boxing gloves (as big as a couple of pillows). It was hilarious.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my suggestions for unusual date ideas. Let me know in the comments if you’ve did something special recently, I’m curious to find out more recommendations myself.

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  1. These are ALL great ideas! I would like to try them! Where we live doesn’t have loads on offer which is a pity but I am sure I could find more if I tried! Well done on your target hitting!

  2. The Romans activities sound fun, but so difficult! Not sure I could complete any of the challenges haha. I had no idea you could also play Ninja Warrior, again quite difficult but a lot of fun, as a date or even with a group of friends. I’ve been axe throwing before and it’s so much fun so I’d totally do it again. Thanks for sharing these Anca, you must have the most fun dates with your husband!

    Julia x

  3. Great activities! I know I’d be terrible at the Ninja course as well as the Roman activities. Still, it would be fun to watch others.

    I’ve never thrown an axe, but it looks fun. We do have guns and bows, but I’m much better at shooting than archery.

    1. Both courses were fun, the Ninja and the Romans, even though I wasn’t good at them. I has low expectations, so I was just enjoying myself.

  4. Fun ideas! Nice work with the archery. The ninja course looks like super fun. I don’t believe there is anything like this nearby. We would love it, particularly laughing at each other! We recently discovered an axe throwing place nearby so we may give that a try.

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