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My garden in May

My garden in May looks very green. I didn’t buy lots of new plants because I was not sure which ones will pop up from last year. But, in a couple of weeks, I will go to some garden centres and get some more plants to replace the ones that didn’t make it. All of the plants, with a couple of exceptions, are from last year, so it’s pretty impressive how well they did in winter and in this rather cold Spring.

My garden in May

I’m delighted that the sun allowed me to take some wonderful pictures. A couple are snapshots from earlier, with the phone, like the one with the pigeon and with Festus. The climbing plants started to grow, with the exception of the passiflora in the back, but I will mention that a bit later. The trees are doing good, the apple and the cherry, but the fig is still struggling a bit.

Plants in the garden

The poppies are growing nicely and so is the allium and the chrysanthemums. One of the tall lilies is on the right-side of this picture, and it’s huge. All of the tall lilies, the white Oriental Roselily, are now growing beautifully. I’m very pleased with them. I’m less pleased with the small lilies, which seem to grow a bit too much and expand into the space previously taken by other plants. I will use them as cut flowers as soon as they start to bloom, saving some pennies on cut flowers while allowing more plants to grow in the garden.


The Clematis is beautiful and growing nicely, with blooms.

My garden in May. Flower

The big allium is starting to bloom. I can’t wait to see it at its peak, it should be wonderful.


Passiflora is starting to grow, only a week ago these small leaves appeared. I was afraid it died, but, luckily, it didn’t.

Poppy in bloom

Some of the poppies are in bloom and they look splendid. Last year their flowers lasted for such a long time, I hope it will be the same this year too.

Flowers in the garden

The poppies are a mix of colours and I love that.


“Our” pigeon was waiting for his/her dinner. It happens often to see them like this, waiting just above their bowl for food.


Strawberries are growing too, the plant is getting bigger and bigger.


The potatoes are also growing after a weak start and in the back we have some tomatoes.

Festus in the garden

Festus is enjoying the sun and the garden. I took this picture when I was reading outside. Now, while I’m writing this, he is in the garden with my husband, one relaxing and one working. Although… I should say Festus is working too, by barking when he feels is necessary.

Enjoying the garden

I was reading on the grass a couple of weeks ago, when we had nice weather, although it was a bit chilly, hence me having a jumper on.


Herbs are growing in the conservatory and edible flowers too.

Edible flowers

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful. The grass is very green and all the plants look lovely.
    Festus is adorable. I bet he is really happy chilling with you while you are reading in the garden or just hanging out in the garden in general.
    The pigeon waiting for his meal is adorable. A friend of mine had pigeons lay an egg on her balcony and now there is a little baby pigeon there. Her kids are very excited about the baby pigeon’s progress.
    Ivana Split recently posted…SPLIT CITY SPRING STYLEMy Profile

    1. A baby pigeon, how cute. <3
      Festus likes staying in the garden and we love it too. It's so relaxing.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful, Anca. I’m a little envious of your poppies — I have had zero luck with them this year from seeds. Maybe next year. I love how the green looks with your white garden wall.

    1. The poppies are from last year, bought in pots, in bloom. Maybe you can try like that, instead of seeds. I find seeds very tricky, for herbs and other flowers.

  3. It all looks so wonderfully green and vibrant! The new grass is really doing well.

    I always think of poppies as red, so I love seeing your yellow ones.

    Festus is such a good boy. 😊
    Kelly recently posted…Toy ShopMy Profile

    1. I am very happy with the new grass, it’s really good. I like the mix of poppies, even though, like you, I think of red when I think of poppies.

      The puzzle looks great. I noticed Meccano boxes, which is a business created very close to Liverpool, a few miles away.

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