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Feeding birds in Sefton Park

Feeding birds is one of my favourite pass times. I like feeding birds and squirrels and swans and pigeons because I find it very relaxing. When I was living in Wirral I used to go quite often to Birkenhead Park, it was only 15-20 minutes from us and the wildlife was always eager to eat.

I feed them seeds, sunflower seeds or the controversial bread. I had a look on RSPB’s website about the wholemeal bread and they said is not the best diet for them, but it will not harm them in the long term. I tried to switch the bread with more nutritious lettuce for swans and they didn’t want to eat it at all. So, I gave up and I give them, as before, a mixture. I buy the seeds from Home Bargains as the price is great and the birds always enjoy it. From there I get the seeds for “my” pigeons, the ones what eat from the bird feeder I have in the garden.

01 Feeding birds in Sefton Park
The goose was hungry, it didn’t take long for her to get on the shore.

02 Feeding birds in Sefton Park
And to get the food from the hands.

03 Feeding birds in Sefton Park
After a nibble she went back on the lake.

04 Feeding birds in Sefton Park

05 Feeding birds in Sefton Park
I had only a few rolls of bread and then I took out the sunflower seeds, not as yummy as I thought.

06 Feeding birds in Sefton Park
The birds on the lake weren’t interested, so I tried my luck with the pigeons. The pigeons were very eager to eat the seeds.

07 Feeding birds in Sefton Park

08 Feeding birds in Sefton Park

It was great, one of the best idea of things to do on a slightly longer lunch break.

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  1. I love those type of geese- they have such dear faces and pretty eyes. That picture of her taking the bread from you is just adorable!x

  2. I too, heard bread wasn’t good for them, and I told my mom when she fed the ducks and birds. Seeds are the best, I say. That goose is up close and personal and that makes me laugh for some reason. I heard they can be mean, so be careful when you feed them.

    😀 Other than that, I love the pictures. They are pretty and I love nature in general. There is something about animals I like.

    1. Thank you x I agree that seeds should be better, but the goose and ducks aren’t that impressed with the ones that I get from the shop. Maybe the seeds are too small for them, I have no idea. I give them wholemeal bread for lack of a better alternative.
      You are right, the birds can be very mean with each other and very greedy too, I was bitten so many times. But I still think is fun :))

  3. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never been to Sefton Park! It would take me over an hour to walk there and it’s not close to a train station. However, it’s quite close to where my work office will be so I will have to make the effort and visit sometime!

    Haha, pigeons will eat anything. As will seagulls.

    1. Sefton Park is huge, it feels like in the countryside with open fields of grass and there is Palm House. For Bonfire night there is a lovely fireworks display, for 20 minutes and there are festivals, I like it a lot.

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