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Harewood House

We’ve been to Harewood House and spent half of day there. In this time we could only do one of the tours of the grounds and see the house. It’s so big and so many things to see that we need to go back at least once to see the rest. Because there were so many things, I made some collages as well and I still have 20 pictures with the highlights from our visit.
We missed: the West Garden, the Himalayan Garden, the Lakeside Garden, the Walled Garden, Harewood Castle, Gawthrope Hall, and the Penguin pool. There is a ferry for the crossing too.

Entrance to the estate

This is the entrance to the estate.

Harewood House

Is’t the house gorgeous?

The Terrace

The Terrace was built in the 1840s by Sir Charles Barry. It offers stunning views and the tearooms have the outdoor seating there as well.

Harewood House from The Terrace

All Saints Church

Our first stop was to the All Saints Church. It dates back to 1116. In the church are the tombs of various family members. It’s fascinating to see them and it’s amazing that they still survive. I would love to see the church again, it’s beautiful. It had so many interesting features that I could have done a dedicated post about the church.

All Saints Church interior

Woodland woderland

Near the church is the Woodland wonderland. It’s beautifully made and lovely to walk through.

tree house

Next was the Sylvascope, a stunning tree house with windows towards different parts of the estate. It was such a lovely experience.

in the tree house


After the Sylvascope we went to see the house. I only shared a few highlights from it, as it’s so big.

Old Library

Old Library, with Newton’s bust in the alcove (mid-picture). The chess table is beautiful as well.

Princess Mary’s Dressing Room

Princess Mary’s Dressing Room was used, as the name suggests, by Princess Mary. She married into the family in 1922.

East Bedroom

East Bedroom is named like that because of its location within the house and also because of its decor. The wallpaper doesn’t have a repeating pattern, but it looks more like a painting that envelops the whole room.

The State Bedroom

The State Bedroom is used by royal guests. The furniture is Chippendale, like the rest of the house. The bed was used twice, first by the Grand Duke Nicholas (later Tsar) in 1816 and by Princess Victoria in 1835 (she became queen in 1837).

door to the Spanish Library

The door to the Spanish Library is just amazing. It looks like the the library is covering the entirety of the wall. Above the door there are 2 shelves filled with books.

Pictures of the family

Pictures of the family with King Charles and Queen Elizabeth (in the background).


This is the painting of Lady Worsley, by Joshua Reynolds. I think she is well known, especially after the 2015 movie The Scandalous Lady W.


Done by Joshua Reynolds too, this is the painting of the sister of Lady Worsley, named Lady Harrington. She had a happy marriage with lots of children, and a very different life than her sister’s.

The Gallery

The Gallery was stunning too. It had some wooden curtains that looked as if they were made of fabric.

Tea rooms

The tearoom, which looks gorgeous inside, but most people were taking advantage of the beautiful weather to sit outside.

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  1. You really saw a lot in your visit. There are some fabulous photos here!

    I hope you will go back. Some of the things you missed really sound interesting and I’d like to see more of the inside of that church. I love the stonework in the nave.
    Kelly recently posted…Caption this #5My Profile

    1. The house is about 2h from me or I would have visited it sooner. I will go back when possible because it’s a gorgeous place.
      I might make a post about the church next month, if I have the time. It’s so beautiful and the tombs were a highlight for me.

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