Pick the pumpkin and Halloween ideas

Hubby and I went to pick the pumpkin from a local farm. As I thought, the pumpkins were overpriced, but we were on the field looking for them, so it was worth the extra pound. We also bought some fresh veggies and eggs at a very good price and fresh and local, things I care about. I made a list with Halloween ideas thanks to the lovely ladies that joined in my linky and I had some ideas too.

01 Picking the pumpkin and Halloween ideas
I took a wheelbarrow although I was sure I didn’t actually need one.

02 Picking the pumpkin and Halloween ideas
The farm was nicely decorated with hay-bails as minions and a big pumpkin. As it’s visible in the background, the car park was full in a weekday.

03 Picking the pumpkin and Halloween ideas
On the field there weren’t many left as they had a special day for picking the pumpkins. It was nice though to see the field and the kids excited.

04 Picking the pumpkin and Halloween ideas
I had appropriate jewellery, my handmade spider necklace that I wear more than just for Halloween. I also have a pair of bats I got from ebay at auction for £1 a few months ago.

Things to do for Halloween.

Lianne made a Halloween poster that I thought it’s a great idea if you have kids. I imagine it can be tricky if you have a small child and the door bell is keeping him awake.

Tina and her kids made this wonderful cardboard house. It looks cute and I think it’s great to get the little ones involved in some DIY and painting, keep them entertained while being creative.

This sweetheart is Becster’s daughter, isn’t she cute?! I love the outfit.

00 Spooky eyes
The spooky eyes are my idea.

01 Black bread for Halloween
I made black buns after seeing this idea on Instagram.

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  1. Ooo pick your own pumpkin now there’s an idea! We wanted to do some pick your own strawberries but completely missed the season!

    Love the bat earrings! And thanks again for the necklace – it arrived safe and sound! Will wear it over Halloween when I take the kiddies trick or treating. The spider necklace and a witches hat will be my costume!

    Oh and the black buns look interesting! I have beef burgers on my meal plan for this week so maybe I could spice it up!

    1. I’m so happy you like the necklace x
      Picking the pumpkin was fun, I will pick my own next year too. Going to the farm was great, the veggies are good, so I want to make it a habit to buy from local farms.

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