December Books. Two books, a cup of coffee

December books

With these two books I’ve completed my latest goal of 60 books read this year. This will lead to a new project, details about it pretty soon. The books I’ve read this month can’t be more different from one another. I remember when I was in school at a history class. My teacher told us […]

My Christmas, 2017, all of us

My Christmas, 2017

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. We’ve celebrated Christmas at home, as we always do. These days my husband and I had a couple of discussions about what home means. Mainly because I was asked twice if I’m going home for Christmas. The Queen mentioned home and […]

My 2017

I love doing these posts. As is Boxing day today I don’t think a lot of people will see this post, but I love looking back and see what I did. In January I’ve made my own perfume and I went to the Design Museum in London. Both experiences I enjoyed a lot. In February […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I’m pretty sure everybody is busy today. But, if, by chance, you are online and you see this, then it was worth posting it. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time this Christmas, with amazing gifts, delicious foods, plenty of drinks, crackers, and all the loved ones around you.

8th Gotcha Day

8th Gotcha Day

I blogged about the day we’ve got Festus from the breeder. A few years ago I shared a collage of pictures with Festus through the years on 5th Gotcha Day. I also talked about The Best Christmas Gift. From the first moment I saw him I knew I want to take him home with us. […]

2017 Goals, how I did

2017 Goals, how I did

I’ve decided to make a roundup of all the goals I’ve made earlier this year. I joined together my blogging goals, my travel bucket list and my personal goals. For next year I’m going to make only one list, as it will be easier to remember it like that. Blogging goals 1. Pub of the […]

Collage of five pictures

5 Most popular posts this year

I thought it would be interesting to make a list of the most popular posts this year on both my blogs. First of all, I was amazed by what were the most popular, I wouldn’t have imagined this. Obviously, most of them are from Spring-Summer, as I get traffic from google and more time a […]

Volunteering at Victorian Christmas

Volunteering at Victorian Christmas

I didn’t plan to blog about volunteering at Victorian Christmas, until the last day finished. I talked with my husband about it, being so excited about everything I’ve done, so I thought it’s a great idea to blog about it. Of course, I need to be quite vague about it to keep the magic alive […]

Vegetarian Christmas Meal Ideas. Collage of 9 dishes

Vegetarian Christmas Ideas

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 10 years, and I know how puzzling can be for others to cater for a vegetarian. So, I’ve made a short list of Vegetarian Christmas Ideas, if you are struggling with what to do for your veggie guests. All the recipes I talk about are on my food blog […]

Vegetarian lunch at Peak View Tearooms

Peak View Tearooms

I went to the Peak View Tearooms before, for my birthday a few years ago. I thought it will be nice to stop there again. There is a pub too, but I prefer the views at the tearooms, so instead of going to the monthly pub, we went to the tearooms. This means that I […]