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I want to write about the books I am reading for my reading challenge, so I’m going to make updates every other month or so. January was Short Story Month and it was also very busy. I’ve finished a couple of books I had in a series started in December and then tried to decipher the Canterbury Tales. Next book I’ve read was the one hubby picked for himself, Life’s Little Ironies.
In February I was away and didn’t have time to read lots. It was the Creative non-fiction Month. I wanted to read a couple of books about fashion and Linda’s story. I also read a couple of short books for work.

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The Shipman’s Tale – part of The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer
I wanted to read all the tales, but it was so hard to read in the 14th century language. Maybe because English is not my first language or who knows. I managed to read The Shipman’s Tale and it was quite saucy. If I get a copy that is written in modern English, I will read all of them.

Life’s Little Ironies – By Thomas Hardy
I read all the stories from this edition and I enjoyed them a lot. The edition I had contained: An Imaginative Woman, The Son’s Veto, For Conscience’ Sake, A Tragedy of Two Ambitions, On The Western Circuit, To Please His Wife and The Fiddler of the Reels. The book also had A Few Crusted Characters, a collection of sketches.
I think the saddest one was The Son’s Veto. I’m not sure which one was my favourite, all the stories are interesting. I would happily read other books written by Hardy.

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Royal Style, a History of Aristocratic Fashion Icons, by Luise Wackerl
The book started great with fascinating details about French, Spanish and British Aristocracy. Why they were choosing what they were wearing, how black came into fashion. I loved reading about Sissi, as I saw the movie about her life and I’ve also been in Austria to Schönbrunn. When it reached the modern age the book was (for me) starting to get boring. I enjoyed the details about the British Royalty, but I think it was too much information (gossip) on others that aren’t that well know. I would recommend the book and, if you think like me, you might skip the last pages.

100 Ideas that Changed Street Style, by Josh Sims
I found this book very interesting, not only the ideas that influenced fashion, but also where they started. As a blogger I sometimes post outfit pictures and in the book was mentioned street photography. I’ll only say that it’s much older than I’ve imagined. I would definitely recommend this book, it’s fun and easy to read.

There is Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You, by Linda Bellingham
I saw Linda at BBC Breakfast and I wanted to read her last book. I wasn’t familiar with her before seeing her, but her attitude was amazing considering the circumstances (she was dying from cancer). I read the book fast, I couldn’t put it aside, it was that interesting. Her passion and courage and honesty is really inspiring. I would definitely recommend it. Sadly she passed away a few months after the book was finished.

This month is Sci-Fi. I got 3 books from the library, more details about them in another post.

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  1. The Streetstyle book looks brilliant, will look out for that and I must give Chaucer a go!

  2. That’s a very varied reading list. I really want to read the Linda Bellingham book so you will have to let us know how you found it.

  3. You read some interesting books! I’ve not read the Chaucer and I always feel sad because I wanted to do A level English Literature but it clashed with German which I wanted to do more – they studied Chaucer and I remembered really loooking forward to it before discovering the clash!x

  4. You’re very brave trying The Canterbury Tales – I think I’d struggle to read that and English is my first language!!

  5. Ohhh, 100 ideas that changed street style sounds awesome! I’d quite like to read that! 🙂 Goodluck with your reading challenge. xx

  6. My friends studied chaucer at school and I was so jealous I didn’t take that class. It seems hard though.

    Corinne x

  7. I love reading, and I really want to read the Linda Bellingham book. Can’t wait to read your next book post

  8. I have made a resolution to read more, so I think I’ll be checking out the Lynda Bellingham book! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great collection of books, your reading challenge sounds like fun! I can definitely relate to Thomas Hardy, I have a few of his works on my shelf and he’s a brilliant writer 🙂 how sad that Linda Bellingham passed away so soon after publishing her book, but it’s great that she accomplished that before she died. Good luck with your next reading challenge! x

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