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Mayas: revelation of an endless time

Mayas: revelation of an endless time is a temporary exhibition at World Museum Liverpool. The exhibition can be visited up to October, so don’t miss it if you are in Liverpool.

01 Mayas revelation of an endless time

Over 10 museums got involved to create this wonderful display of Mayas artifacts. There were objects from many Maya sites, the most recognizable are Tonina and Chichen Itza.

02 Mayas exhibition at World Museum Liverpool
It was bigger than I expected and we’ve spent two hours looking at the displays and reading about them. There is a short video about their calender and that is very interesting too. According to their beliefs, in a few days we should be celebrating the birth of the Earth, as they dated it to 13 August 3114 BC.

03 Mayas revelation of an endless time Tonina
This statue is from Tonina. It represents the Ruler 8, K’inich who reigned between 787 – 806 AD. He holds a ceremonial bar with cosmic symbols. During his rule, Tonina invaded its neighbors and it was prosper.

04 Mayas revelation of an endless time Tonina prisoner named Chan
This is a Tonina’s prisoner called Chan.

05 Mayas revelation of an endless time Tonina prisoner
Another prisoner at Tonina. It was customarily for them to depict their prisoners in humiliating circumstances. This is a kneeling prisoner, tied with cloth and his ear ornament indicates that he will be sacrificed. He was taken prisoner during the reign of Ruler 4 of Tonina.

06 Maya Liverpool Museum axe
This is another object from Tonina, a ritual axe. The green ones were used for specific deities that could bring rain. The date on the axe is 12 April 599 AD.

08 Chac Mool Chichen Itza Mayas at Liverpool Museum
Chac Mool is made of limestone and it’s from Chichen Itza. This type of sculptures usually depict priests.

Atlantean figure from chichen itza with crossed ropes on its chest
This is another limestone sculpture from Chichen Itza. It is an atlantean figure with crossed ropes on its chest. It was part of a group of 15 atlanteans that supported a bench.

06 stone with low relief chichen itza maya liverpool world museum
Stone with low relief, from Chichen Itza. The jaguar devouring a heart is part of a decorated building platform and it’s related to rituals. The jaguar is a fierce predator and it was a symbol used by rulers when they captured prisoners and offer them in sacrifice.

03 Jaina campeche maya civilization on display at World Museum Liverpool
This is a figure of a noble woman. She has a dignified pose. She is dressed with a huipil, similar to a poncho and her hair is styled to have height. She also has a lot of jewellery and that is an indication of her status.

04 Jaina campeche maya civilization on display at World Museum Liverpool
Another statue of a noble woman. This time the woman has her hands placed and she is on the back of a young man, this must be a way of transport for noble women. It is a very unusual means on transportation considering they had to be very close to THE servant transporting them. It’s different from what other civilized societies where doing.

13 Road sign Maya civilization on display at Liverpool World Museum
A road sign from the Chiapas region. It’s from the 600 – 900 AD period and it was placed along a route from Palenque with a secondary village.

The Maya ball games at Liverpool Museum. Chinkultik Disc
The Maya ball games are well known. This stone is from Chiapas, made from limestone and dated 17 May 591 AD. It’s called Chinkultik Disc as it represents a ruler of Chinkultik playing with a ball.

10 Funerary mark from Dzibanche Maya
Funerary mask from Dzibanche, from the classic period 600 – 900 AD. The tombs of the rulers were inside the temples and there were offerings. The masks were placed on the ruler’s face to preserve their imagine through time.

15 Chen Mul sculpture Maya
Chen Mul style censer represents a young wind god or a priest. The clothes are elaborate with lots of symbols. The statue is relatively new, made after 1200 AD.

I’ll finish my post with a couple of pieces of jewellery.



It is an interesting exhibition, don’t miss it.

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  1. I had no idea a museum like this existed! Looks fascinating, and what amazing statues, especially considering they wouldn’t have had any modern technology with which to make them. Wow, happy birthday to Earth, very soon, then 🙂

    1. I was fascinated by the statues too. It is a special exhibition, for a few months, then all the artifacts go back to Mexico. I’m happy I got the chance to see them.

  2. I loved learning about the Mayas at school. I’ve always been fascinated with things like this. My Mums birthday is 13th August 🙂

    Corinne x

    1. If you can come to Liverpool to see, is worth it. The exhibition is interesting and unique. Your mum’s birthday is on 13th, what an funny coincidence xx

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