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Long walk

I mentioned in my monthly round-up that I did one item from my 40 before 40 list, which is a long walk/hike of at least 10 miles. Here are some pictures from the walk, close to where we live, as we’ve decided against travelling to a beauty spot.



house in disrepair

window of a house



trees in a field

tree stump

squirrel carved into a tree stump

door carved into a tree stump

window carved into a tree stump

tree trunk as a bench

dual colour poppy

red and white poppy

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  1. You are so beautifully observant! Thank you for a wonderful virtual walk and all the beautiful things you shared. What a lovely path you took and it looks like a perfect day.

    1. The carvings were lovely. I had no idea that I can walk so much through woods&fields, just passing through a village. We are so used to beauty spots, like Cumbria and Peak District that we do not try to appreciate the beauty closer to home. Before the lockdowns I had no idea that I have woods in a 20 min walk from home.

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