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Reading challenge 2016 – Did I fail?

I started a reading challenge last year. Considering that I didn’t complete my challenges for 3 months, I can say I failed. At the same time I discovered new authors, like Thomas Hardy. I loved his book and then I watched Far from the Madding Crowd, an adaptation after one of this novels. I loved that too. I’ve read (auto)biographies and I was inspired by them. I’ve read about pubs and that made me want to search for more special pubs to go to, I’ve learned interesting things from the UNESCO book and fashion.
At the end of the year I didn’t have time and I also have to admit some of the genres weren’t exactly my favourite.
I stopped reading books a couple of years ago because it was easier to watch a movie or series after a busy day. As a teenager I would spend lots of hours reading and I miss that. If I consider this, I can’t say I failed at this challenge, as the main reason behind it was to read more and new things and I did that.

January: Short Story Month. I’ve read The Shipman’s Tale – part of The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer and Life’s Little Ironies by Thomas Hardy.
February: Creative nonfiction Month – Royal Style, a History of Aristocratic Fashion Icons, by Luise Wackerl; 100 Ideas that Changed Street Style, by Josh Sims and There is Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You, by Linda Bellingham.
March: Science fiction Month – White star by Beth Vaughan
April: Autobiography Month – Common sense rules: What You Really Need to Know about Business by Deborah Meaden and The way I see it. Rants, revelations and rules for life by Alan Sugar
May: Folklore Month – Green Men & White swans. The Folklore of British Pub Names by Jacqueline Simpson
June: Epic Tome Month – The World’s Heritage. A complete guide to the most extraordinary places. UNESCO
July: Biography Month – Coco Chanel (Critical Lives) by Linda Simon
August: Horror Month – Being Human: Bad Blood by James Goss
September: Mythopoeia Month – none
October: Famous Detective Month – none
November: Science Month – none

reading challenge
December: Historical Fiction Month – The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory. This book was amazing, I recommend it. It’s not the usual style of historical fiction books I read, as it presents the not-so-good aspects of life and the end it’s not a typical happy-end I’m used to. It was interesting and I want to read more from Philippa. I had this book in my library, from a charity shop. There is another book before this one, Widacre and a third book, after the Favoured Child, Meridon. I would like to read both of them, even though I already know how Widacre will end, it’s still exciting to read it.

For this year I didn’t set up any reading challenges. I thought I would, but I didn’t. I want to read more books this year and I will blog about them. I have books at home, I want to sign up for a series made by National Geographic called “Our mathematical world”.

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  1. I still think it is good to have a challenge. As you can see from my reading summary post from yesterday,I read a lot. I think if recording it makes one do it more!!

  2. You still read a lot more books than I did though! You should be proud, not saying you failed!

    Corinne x

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