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Goals for 2022

It’s time to plan ahead, so these are my 2022 goals!

Goals for 2022: Blogs

1. Post regularly. My goal is, again, to post all book reviews on Coffee&Books.
When it comes to recipes, my goal is to publish 30 recipes/reviews on CookStyle, new or old ones but veganized. My goal for ancaslifestyle is, the same as last year, twice every week, so about 100 posts per year.

2. Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants, every month. I will add the target for 12 restaurant reviews this year, new ones or ones I’ve been to before. Last year I’ve been to a few in London, but didn’t manage to talk about them, so I will start with those.

4. Style & Beauty. My aim for last year was 6, but for this year I will try a very moderate 3. I don’t want to ignore that part of my blog, but I don’t feel like I have a lot of things to talk about these days, as I’m using lots of products I’ve used before and I’m not buying a lot of clothes either, because I want to live as sustainably as possible.

5. Taste the World. I will aim for 6 new recipes for Taste the World.

6. Read the World. This again will be a moderate 6 new countries for Read the World, a challenge I have started last year.

7. Reviews. 9 reviews are the target for this year, but I would be happy with 6 too.

goals for 2022

Goals for 2022: Personal

1. Exercise regularly. I didn’t manage 100 workouts last year, so I’m setting up a, hopefully, realistic 75.

2. Sew. This is one of those goals that I set up each year and never seem to actually do something about it. So, this is it, sew something.

3. Make 5 from 40 before 40 list. This is the list. As I’m turning 40 this year, I will have to accept that some of those will not happen, for different reasons. We are not planning a vows renewal and it’s unlikely I will go to Italy at the Ferrari Museum. On top of that Hogmanay was cancelled for the last 2 years.
So, I have 9 more things on the list. Even if I make only 2 or 3 of them, I’m going to be happy.

4. Read 100 Books. Last year I managed to read only 89 books, but I hope I will get to 100 this year.

Goals for 2022: Travel

1. 5 new flags to the UK map. Not a lot, but with all the rules changing, it can be difficult anyway to get to 5. Let’s see what the year will offer us.

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  1. I sometimes wish I had done a Before 40 challenge but never did! As I turned 40 last year, maybe I shoudl do a 50 one!?
    You have some excellent goals! I’d really like to visit some new places too! One day, when the weather is better and I am a little less manic at school, perhaps you could come out to Leigh on Sea on the train and we could meet there for a walk along the seafront or something (plus there’s a couple of nice vegan restaurants!!)

    1. I was thinking of a 50 before 50, but it might be a bit too much and I would end up putting easy things on there just to make the number. So, I might do a bucket-list without a specific number and a specific deadline. I might not even share it on the blog. 🙂
      I’d love to come to Leigh on Sea one day, when is a bit warmer. xx

  2. I agree with you, with time, certain ideas that appealed a few years ago, change their significance. Years ago, I also thought we could have a vows renewal ceremony for our 25th anniversary, but I didn’t feel it would make any difference when the time came.
    I enjoyed looking at your list of goals, it’s very do-able. Here’s to another year of adventures and reviews!

  3. I really enjoyed looking at your40 before 40 list. There are some really fun activities on there! I also enjoyed refreshing my memory about your Read the World challenge.

    You have plenty to keep you busy in 2022!

    1. Thank you. The 40 challenge is interesting also because I believed some things were important then, but in a few years they were not relevant anymore, like the vows renewal, and not because something in our relationship changed, but because we changed the way we look at that particular thing.
      2022 will be very busy, hopefully. 🙂

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