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Piana Vyshnia

Piana Vyshnia means Drunken Cherry in Ukrainian. They are selling cherry liqueur. It is a drink specific to Eastern Europe. In Romania we have a similar drink called vișinată (vișină means sour cherry). It is made in Lviv and they have a few restaurants opened all over Europe, including places like Bucharest and Riga. The first restaurant/bar opened in Lviv in 2015. Their instagram is

Unlike the Romanian vișinată which is enjoyed only cold, the team at Piana Vyshnia offer both cold and a warm options. When my husband and I visited we ordered one cold and one hot and they tasted different. I would suggest doing the same. They have smaller glasses too and you can try both.

Piana Vyshnia outside

The decor is similar in all their bars. The logo is funny and memorable. In London they opened recently (last month) and their location is fantastic – in SOHO. So, it’s a must if you are going to London, you like drinks, and you are curious about this kind of liqueur.

Piana Vyshnia

I just love the decor. The staff were lovely, very friendly. For us it was a very pleasant experience and I would love to go back there if I’m in London.

vegan option

Because of how their licence is, customers have to have a meal. They have a few options to pick from and this is the vegan one. It is a tofu and broccoli quiche/pie with salad. It was delicious. I liked the almond flakes on top. We ate it all and I would gladly order this again even if they get the full licence which means that food would be optional.


The London bar is rather small, but it is beautifully made.

Piana Vyshnia inside

Piana Vyshnia is on 10 Moor St, London W1D 5NF. They have some branded things to buy as well.

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  1. I haven’t had any liqueur in years, but one made from cherry sounds very good. I always drank it at room temperature, so I’d be interested in tasting the difference between warm and cold. The “quiche” looks delicious!
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    1. It was very interesting for me to drink it hot as it is a cold drink in Romania. This is the kind of liqueur my mother used to make in preparation for the Christmas feast. It was not available in shops (although there weren’t a lot of things available during and soon after communism :D).

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