Old docks, Liverpool

We’ve been to Old docks. The tour was amazing! We’ve learned so many things about Liverpool and its crucial importance in the World’s commerce and development. The docks are situated underneath L1. So, under the restaurants, hotels and great shops we were able to see a small part of such an important historic place. The […]

Mother’s Day

I am a rottweiler mum, so hubby surprised me with the greatest gift: A close-up with the writing, so you can see it better. I really love this T-shirt. On the back of the T-shirt there is a picture of my boy. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. The cupcakes aren’t very red, but […]

Spaceport and Star Wars

On Saturday we went to Spaceport to visit the museum and to see some of the characters from Star Wars. Luckily I read the local newspaper every time I get it and I saw the event a few days before the weekend.< We saw R2-D2 while we queued in front on the museum. A lovely […]