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Covent Garden

I heard so many times about Covent Garden and on my last trip to London I penciled it in my schedule. When I arrived it was afternoon and the shops were open, the restaurants were busy and a band was singing. It was fun and colourful, I enjoyed it a lot.

01 Covent Garden

02 Covent Garden
There are a few coffee and tea shops with lots of blends and accessories. They are all so interesting that it is hard to choose one or two.

03 Covent Garden

04 Covent Garden
In one of the shops I’ve spotted a cookie cutter with the Queen that I pondered if I should buy it or not. As I wouldn’t use it, I didn’t.

05 Covent Garden
It was too crowded to be able to take more pictures. It was not how I expected it to be, but I liked it anyway.

06 Agatha Christie memorial
On the way to the tube station I passed by Agatha Christie’s memorial.

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    1. I think I missed it, hmm. I had a look on their website and I don’t remember all those cute cookie cutters. I’ll allow more time on my next visit 🙂

  1. I love Covent Garden. It’s like a little town in itself. I always go there when I visit London, it’s a great place to be. x

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