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Bettys, Harrogate

On Monday I’ve been to Harrogate. If you read my blog for a while you might have noticed Bettys, because (if I’m not mistaken), every time I’ve been to Harrogate I stopped at Bettys for desserts. Only twice we were able to find a table at Bettys and I have no idea how we were so lucky. As we usually go there for work, I can’t book a table because I don’t know my schedule. But, as they have a small shop in addition to the tea rooms, we can buy some treats to take home.

Bettys was founded by a Swiss baker and confectioner. He opened his first Café Tea Rooms in Harrogate in 1919, is unknown why he chose Betty as a name for the establishment. Now there are 6 tea rooms, but they are still family-owned, handed down through the family. I’ve been only to the one in Harrogate, but I would love to visit the rest of the tea rooms too.

01 Bettys Harrogate review

This delight is called Engadine Japonaise and it’s made of layers of almond meringue with almond buttercream. I had it a few times before, in December and January. They have the same texture and the same lovely taste every time, I appreciate a lot their consistency.

03 Bettys Harrogate review
Beside the Engadine we also took this cute Bumble Bee and a caramel slice.

02 Bettys Harrogate review
The Chocolate Ganache Bumble Bee was delicious, the chocolate wasn’t too sweet, the chocolate on top was smooth and the decorations were lovely.

The other 2 desserts are from another trip to Bettys or more precisily to Harrogate for the BBC Good Food Show. I thought I should mention them too, as they are so delicious.

04 Bettys Harrogate review
Tarte au citron which was the first dessert I tried at Bettys and kept ordering it again and again.

05 Bettys Harrogate review
Grand Cru Chocolate with praline and raspberries, dark and bitter with a beautiful texture.

Have you been to Bettys?

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  1. Oooh, tasty!!! I’ve never been to Betty’s but I’d like to. Ah, the Engadine is a beautiful place in Switzerland, we went there on my honeymoon and they had some delicious food there so perhaps the Confectioner came from East Switzerland?x

    1. I had no idea Engadine is a place, I’ll have to look if it’s a recipe from that region. Switzerland must have been amazing, I would love to visit it.

  2. I’ve been to Harrogate a lot, but the queue for Betty’s has always been huge when I’ve been! We always end up in the cafe in the Edinburgh Woolen Mill! The food looks so delicious, particularly the bumble bee!

    1. The queues at Bettys are incredible. I was lucky to get a table twice, without booking. The cafe at Edinburgh Woolen Mill must be great too x

  3. I’ve not been to Harrogate but it’s been on my Bucket List for ages!

    How cute is that bumblebee?!

    Chloe x

    1. Bettys a delight, I love their desserts, and Harrogate is warm and posh, it feels like a treat just to walk around.

  4. I have been once but pass it when I go to visit my Yorkshire friend. Must make a point of going next time as these goodies look delicious.

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