Eating healthy while away with work

Next month I’m going away with work for one week, as I did for the last 2-3 years. Until now I made unrealistic plans of cooking and exercising. I had to change the way I approach this task to succeed in my plan of eating healthy. I have a pretty good idea what I will do regarding exercising, but I will make a dedicated post after I’m back. This time the amount of exercising I’m thinking of is achievable.

I’m going to a fair and this means that I’m going to leave the cottage at around 8.30 in the morning and I’ll get back late in the afternoon, most likely at 6pm. In the evening I want to snuggle on the sofa and eat something fast and look over leaflets and other paperwork I’ll have with me. I did that every time. I will be tired and not in a mood to go to a restaurant and get back to the cottage late when I know that the following day I’ll have lots of things to do.
Until now I had to rely on ready meals, mostly pizza or pasta for dinner; shop bought houmous and cheese for breakfast and sandwiches or a snack for lunch. It was boring and unhealthy.

For this trip I’ve made up a plan of meals that I can prepare without spending a lot of energy, they are healthy (or at least healthier) and ready in less minutes. The dinner can take more, but even so, I just have to put the chips in the oven and take them out after 20 minutes, it’s not like I’m actually cooking.

Eating healthy while away with work

For lunch I stocked up with lots and lots of Nakd bars after I saw them at the penny sale in Holland & Barrett (buy 1 get 1 for 1p).I will take 4 bars with me every day and it should be enough. Nakd bars are healthy and 4 will give me around 550 calories. This is less than anything else I could have there. I need to focus on work and this bars are easy to eat, not messy, have fibres to make me feel full through the day. Also I bought so many different flavours that is unlikely I’ll get bored with them in one week.
Hubby prefers flapjacks and he took a few of those, Holland and Barrett brand and they taste delicious, we tried one. He also got 9bars.

For breakfast I will make 2 sandwiches, wholemeal bread and cheddar (less fat). This might get boring, so I will also have a tomato and/or cucumber salad, baby spinach or other green salad on a side. As a dessert, I will have a few grapes or another fruit. This means approximately 600 calories.

For dinner I will make an omelet with 2 eggs for me (3-4 for hubby) with cheese and rocket or tomatoes, depends on what we’ll have that day for breakfast. Another day I will make a Quorn peppered steak with oven baked sweet potato fries that are ready in 20 minutes in the oven. Of course I will have a salad too. Another option is stir fry mushrooms, grilled halloumi and oven baked sweet potatoes. The dinner will have 400-500 calories.

I looked at everything and I’m happy with the way I’ve made the menu. It’s easy to make, it will be delicious and it’s as healthy as I can make it. There are a few veggies and plenty of different choices.

From a nutritional point of view is great, sorry if you find this part boring, I wanted to make sure I’ll have a balance in this aspect too.
Calories – With this menu there are 1600+ calories daily and I can still add a glass of wine in the evenings without having too many.
Proteins – I aimed to have 60-70g of proteins a day. The sandwiches will have 30g proteins, 4 Nakd bars (I made an average) 12g and the dinner 25-30g of proteins. So I will get easily the amount of proteins I need.
Fibers – More than 20g daily and this is great.

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  1. I need to be as organised as you, Anca! May I ask what it is you do for work? With my new job (the care worker job I maybe told you about) I’m still adjusting and I’m sorry to say whenever we do stop for a break, it’s been to rush to the local shop and grab whatever was available. But I’m definitely going to go and get some of those Nakd bars from Holland and Barrett, I’ve often spotted them but never actually bought any, this is a great excuse 😉 not only would that be healthier but cheaper, too. Thanks for the inspiration! x

  2. You’re doing well organising this! I really wish I liked Nakd bars but I really don’t like dried fruit. I got Christmas pud Nakd bars for 25p on Sainsbury for my work colleague.x

    1. Nakd bars at 25p, awww, I’m so sorry I missed that. Hubby is not keen on them either, this is why he got 9bars and oat bars instead 🙂

  3. It is so easy to get in a rut when working and just grab what is easiest. Your plan looks a great way to eat healthily

  4. Good luck with eating healthy. I always struggle while I’m abroad or working here in the UK.

  5. You’re really organised. When I go on work trips I always end up buying food out and most of it isn’t healthy. I love Naked bars!

  6. Staying healthy whilst I travel for work is what I find the hardest. So I always make sure I have some nuts and seeds with me.

  7. I wish I was that organised I admit I grab a chocolate bar or bag of crips I really need to change that

  8. its great to be orginised. i always find if i dont have a healthy snack at hand im more likely to reach for the chocolate

  9. Well done you for being so organized! This sort of thing is where slow cookers come into their own, I think. You pop everything in and then come home to a meal ready to eat! Hope you have a lovely week at the fair. 🙂

  10. I think a lot more goes into healthy eating than I even realised. Props to you for being so positive about it! Best of luck with it! Stephanie x

  11. I’ve never thought about those Nakd bars! That might be a pretty good snack during work hours. I’ve found I’ve been able to change my lunch but having difficulty swapping my snacks for something healthy. Hope you’re work trip goes well x

  12. Well done on being so organised in advance! I’ve never eaten the naked bars before but I’ll give them a go 🙂

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