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Indigo Greens

Indigo Greens is a vegan restaurant in Liverpool and it was the first one we’ve been to after the restrictions lifted for outdoor seating. They have a few tables outside, but take away is available too. We were so excited to be able to finally go back and enjoy a meal.

Indigo Greens

We’ve been on the first day restrictions lifted, just before lunch and we were not the only ones there. It’s not hard to understand why if you’ve had a meal there though. The food is amazing. If you want to visit them, check their facebook page for details.

Beetroot latte at Indigo Greens

I ordered a beetroot latte and my husband had cacao latte. The beetroot one was so good and so very pink too. I would definitely have this again. I took the pictures with my phone and the pinkness is not as clear. It has an earthy taste, but smooth and rich too. My husband liked it too and he is not a fan of beetroot. My husband’s choice of cacao latte was also very good. It was very tasty and I would gladly have that too.

Sharing platter at Indigo Greens

When we eat at a new place we are always curious what dish is best, so, as a sharing platter was an option, we got that one. This is the platter for 2 people. It has a bit of everything, houmous, delicious cauliflower drumsticks, coleslaw, meatballs, a sausage with mustard sauce, sweet potatoes, grilled stem broccoli, rice with quinoa, and another thing I can’t remember what it was. Everything was delicious and very different from each other. The fake meats were so good and very realistic.

Desserts at Indigo Greens

For dessert we had brownie and cookie sandwich. Both were very nice. The cookie sandwich had a buttercream filling that worked nicely with the crunchy cookie. The brownie was good, I would have preferred it a bit softer, but I would have that again, it was lovely.

Indigo Greens is on 132 Queens Drive, L13 0AL, Liverpool.

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  1. That platter really does look delicious! I would love to try that too. I like the idea of the Cauliflower wings and there are lots of really good fake meats out there!

    1. They have some gluten free options. I don’t know more about them, but I assume they are delicious. 🙂

  2. Beetroot latte is fun isn’t it? I had one the other day. It had ginger too so it was a little spicy!
    The “meatballs” are so realistic! Everything must have been so good. Sharing a platter is a great idea!

    Julia x

    1. I loved the beetroot one. Have you tried turmeric latte? I make it at home too with a bit of ginger, it’s so good.

      1. My daughter and I were just talking about that yesterday! I told her my next trip back will be to visit some of the places my UK blogging friends live. I could spend a week in Liverpool alone based on all you’ve shared here!
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  3. I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian (I have two confirmed carnivores in the family so it’s hard) but I nearly always find myself ordering non-meat options when we go out. Indigo Greens looks delightful!

    1. The food at Indigo is so good. It doesn’t matter if someone is vegan or vegetarian or not, a place like this one is a must, as the spices and textures are so exciting. I love trying new things and I would have been happy with the food there in my meat-eating days (many years ago). If you come on holiday in Liverpool, do make sure you get some food from them and, of course, that beetroot latte. I loved that one.

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