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5 Good things

It was a busy week with a few good things and new ideas. I have a few ideas for work, for blogging (see 2.), for the house.


1. Spring weather. It’s sunny and it gets warm and I love our walks with the dog and the way the grass looks in the garden. The flowers are bigger and brighter and we talk about the garden.

2. 2 Big decisions about blogging. I’m thinking of these two things for a while now and I finally decided that I should do them. I want to redesign the blog, nothing major, just to change a few bits and pieces and have a special place for ads, as I want to swap ads with other bloggers (if you fancy that, send me an email).
The second decision is that I’m going to have another blog. I had a cooking blog in the past, this is how I’ve started, but it’s not good anymore. I’ve changed the way I cook and the way I see food. As I want to share a lot of recipes, I feel I have to have a different space, so it wouldn’t take over the lifestyle one. I also thought of some new post ideas that I would like to write.

3. Hubby’s celebrations on Palm Sunday. It was hubby’s name day so we had lots of cake (a little too much maybe), special meal and a very relaxing day. It was bliss.

4. Vettel’s win in Malaysian GP. That was a great race, as Suzi said, I had to peel myself off the ceiling (love this saying, it’s so funny).
Listening to the German and Italian anthems, seeing a Ferrari driver on the first step of the podium brought back so many memories. It was a very emotional day, remembering the joy of being a Schumacher fan. I loved the interviews too, Vettel’s memories of Schumacher were moving.
I’m also glad that Vettel won because Mercedes became complacent, they are talking about Rosberg fighting with Hamilton for the title when he is now on the 3rd place of the championship. They both did a rather poor job in Q3 by holding back their teammate and Hamilton qualified on pole by chance, as Vettel was so close. Toto said this should be a wake up call and I hope it’s true.
I have to mention Verstappen too, what a driver! It’s unbelievable that at 17 he has so much speed and know how to fight wheel to wheel. Loved it! I think he is a much better driver than others on the grid (well… Rosberg).

5. Long talks. I love having long talks with hubby about all sorts of subjects, from aliens to religion. We both enjoy the talks a lot and we can spend hours talking, especially if we don’t necessarily completely agree with the other.