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The Vegan Kind. December Boxes

This is the third month I’m speaking about the The Vegan Kind subscription boxes. I am loving these and I will continue to get them in 2021. The lifestyle box is a monthly subscription with prices starting at £8 + P&P. The most expensive one is £10 + P&P, so not very expensive at all. The beauty box starts at £12.75 per box + £3.15 p&p, with the most expensive one being £15 + P&P. For me these are value for money as I will use everything and it’s also a nice way to discover new brands. I received an Only Plant mayo last month and I bought 2 more recently, as they are really nice. I also received the Ecoegg and I’m loving that one too.

The Vegan Kind - Lifestyle Box

The Vegan Kind. December Lifestyle Box:

Harpers Jaffa Cake Candle (RRP £5.00)
Grey Poupon Wholegrain Vegan Mayonnaise (RRP £2.50)
Loch Ness Bakery Cranachan Creams 150g (RRP £1.89)
TRIBE Vegan Honeycomb + Almond Butter Nature Bomb 40g (RRP £1.99)
Insane Grain Salted Caramel Supergrain Sorghum Puffs 24g (RRP £1.09)
Mummy Meagz Caramel Fondant Filled Jolly Snowman 40g (RRP £0.99)
Firetree Solomon Islands, Makira Island, 75% Cocoa Bar 25g (RRP £2.50)
British Snack Co Roast Beef Crisps 40g (RRP £0.99)

I tried a few of these, but not all. The cranachan creams are lovely, with a sharp raspberry filling, and an interesting texture, I enjoyed these a lot. I would buy them. The candle smells amazing, but I didn’t lit it up as I will use it on Christmas Eve. Insane Grain are a bit strange, I can’t say I enjoyed them. The TRIBE bombs are delicious though and so was the Jolly Snowman.

Overall I was happy with what I got this month. The grain snacks are strange. I am always trying puffs made out of peas or chickpeas, it’s something I would have bought to see how they are. So, I’m happy from that point of view.

The Vegan Kind - Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind. December Beauty Box:

Balade End Provence Solid Night Cream 40g (RRP £23.00)
Baahlm! Rich Chocolate Nourishing Lip Mask 30g (RRP £6.99)
Soaper Duper Pure Happiness Deluxe Body Butter 300ml (RRP £10.99)
Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser 20ml
Lottie London Stamp Liner Wing Edition (RRP £5.95)
Sunday Rain Acai Bubble Bath (RRP £4.00)

As you can see the box’s content is well over the £18 it costs. I tried the rich chocolate lip mask and it is great. I use it at night time and it smells lovely on top of hydrating my lips.

I am yet to try the rest. Besides the liner, which is not something I use, I am very eager to try all of them. I never used solid face cream before and I would have opened it, but I recently opened two other face creams, so I will wait until I use half of them before trying this one.

Are you familiar with any of these brands?

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  1. These do seem very good value for money. I’d really like to see what you think of the solid face cream bar. I recently brought a solid body cream bar as a present for my Mum so I like the idea of having a face cream one. I’ve not liked a lot of puffed chickpea crisps I’ve had- I’ve found them too hard.

  2. This vegan box does seem like a great value for one’s money. I think it’s great to try out new brands and products this way. The products look yummy. Have a nice day!

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