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Paladone Party

I was invited to the Paladone Party in Manchester before the BlogOn MSI last weekend. I was so excited to get to the Village Hotel Ashton Moss, where the party was held. Paladone is a company I worked with before, they send me this cute chalkboard bundle a couple of months ago. I like their products a lot, they are really fun.

01 Paladone Party

When I arrived we had all sort of drinks to choose from and I had a glass of Prosecco with one of those funny straws.

02 Paladone Party

I didn’t take a selfie with the card. It’s double sided, so more fun. I will keep these in mind for future parties. I got the chance to catch up with bloggers I know from other events and I did meet new bloggers. I might get involved in a new project and I’m very excited about it.

03 Paladone Party

One the best moments was when we played Beer Pong. I had no idea there is such a thing, but now I’m happy I discovered it. From now on, it’s a must at any party with friends. Basically, if you don’t know the game, there are two teams and they have to through a ping pong ball in a glass. If the ball gets in their glass, someone from the team has to drink it. Amazing game, isn’t it? I noticed that my aim is better at the beginning of the game. It was fun, I really enjoyed it.

04 Paladone Party

There were sandwiches, but I had to make a hard choice: two desserts or a sandwich and a dessert. As you can see, I picked the former.

Tomorrow I’m going to blog about BlogOn MSI.

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  1. How I wish I could go to blog on and attend this party! Sound so fun to catch up with friends!

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