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Peak View Tearooms

I went to the Peak View Tearooms before, for my birthday a few years ago. I thought it will be nice to stop there again. There is a pub too, but I prefer the views at the tearooms, so instead of going to the monthly pub, we went to the tearooms. This means that I finished my challenge to visit a pub each month. Needless to say, this is a challenge I’m going to keep doing next year too. It was lovely having drinks or meals in old pubs, so I want to discover more.

Vegetarian lunch at Peak View Tearooms

The food was just as delicious as last time. The staff was very friendly too. I would recommend them without a doubt. We had vegetarian options, obviously, and both of them were delicious. I think it was good value for money too.

Mulled wine and tea at Peak View Tea Rooms

I’ve started with a glass of mulled wine, while my husband had a tea. I love mulled wine and I wasn’t the one driving, so happy days. The wine had a lovely flavour, I enjoyed it.

Panini with chips and salad

I chose the Panini with Brie and cranberries sauce. I like this combination a lot. The panini was very good, lovely sweet sauce, works great with Brie. I loved the chips, delicious and thick, not too oily. The salad was nice too, fresh, even though it was cut a bit big for my liking. I finished the plate.

Toastie with crisps and salad

My husband wanted a cheddar and tomato toastie. It came with crisps. I must say that I find that a bit strange, but it was very good and the crisps were nice too. Both of us enjoyed the food and we would gladly eat there again.

Dog at Peak View Tearooms

I had to take a picture of the dog, it would have been a shame to miss the opportunity to photograph such a cute dog.

The Peak View Tearooms is on Buxton New Road (A537), Macclesfield Forest, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 0AR. As far as I can see, they are opened from Thursday to Sunday. Their car park is big, but it can get crowded in the weekends. They have games and colouring books for children. There were quite a few children when we had lunch there and they were happy to play and draw.

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  1. I do love a cosy tea room!
    I’ve seen toasties served with crisps a few times, and it does seem to work somehow! Not as heavy as ships but a nice lil extra crunch 😀

  2. Nothing beats a good tea room, and little independent ones like this never fail to impress. We’ve got a few small ones where I live too I really like, with a new one to hopefully open next year!

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