Camel being petted

Knowsley Safari Park, December

Last weekend we’ve been to Knowsley Safari Park for our December visit. We did not book for the evening because, if there are any places left, for the Santa event, I think it would be better to leave those for families with children. We had a drive-through the safari and it was incredible. I shared […]

Highlights from Liverpool

Highlights from Liverpool

Today it should have been another post published on my blog, about the places I visited in the last 12 months, but with COVID, that was not possible. Do you remember my post from last year? As travelling was not exactly possible this year, I’m going to share highlights from Liverpool. I did not include […]

deer with baby

Knowsley Safari Park, November

We managed to go for a quick tour of Knowsley Safari Park in November, just before the lockdown. Enjoy the pictures! You might also like Pippin, the Owl Diglake Farm Shop The 1930s at Sudley House The Luminarium Liverpool Central Library

War museum, Liverpool

War Museum, Liverpool

The War Museum in Liverpool is located in a bunker, built under the pretence of a restaurant, from where the Battle of the Atlantic was coordinated. Enjoy the pictures. In the middle, on top of the newspaper’s name is written: “If invaders come:”. I wonder if the advice was on the lines of how to […]

Knowsley Safari Park, August

Knowsley Safari Park, August

A couple of days ago we went to Knowsley Safari Park for our August visit. We are visiting them each month, and here is this month’s update. First of all, we’ve had a lovely vegan picnic in their picnic area. There are designated spots with parking and social distancing is very easy to be respected, […]

Cat at Cat Cafe

Cat Café

Life is slowly getting back to normal. On Saturday, pubs, cafes, and restaurants could open again in England. While it was so much talk about pubs, especially on social media, it was mostly ignored that small businesses can open their doors to customers for the first time in months. We’ve decided to go to the […]

Monkey selfie

Knowsley Safari Park, June

After a few months in lockdown, we were finally able to visit Knowsley Safari Park, in the last day of June. I was so excited to visit them again. From this weekend the lockdown will ease ever more in England (Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland go at different speeds). We planned to have a picnic […]