Williamson Tunnels

I’ve been to the Williamson Tunnels a few years ago and exactly when the pandemic started I was planning to visit them again, as I was studying the 19th century and these tunnels were built at that time. I only managed to visit them now, as restrictions are lifted and we can go back to […]


Knowsley Safari Park. June 2021

It was hot when we visited Knowsley Safari Park this month. As a result many of the animals were sleeping in the trees’ shadow. The Rhinos were happy to go about, as they are not happy when it rains though. The deer were enjoying the water to cool down. I have no idea what specie […]


Knowsley Safari Park. May 2021

A couple of day ago we went to Knowsley Safari Park. We only could get a slot at 9.30, exactly when they opened. It was a rainy morning and we thought it would be nice to do something outside, but not very outside. Well, it seemed that most of the animals at Knowsley had pretty […]

Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park. April 2021

Finally, we were able to visit Knowsley Safari Park again! I was so excited. Yesterday saw some more restrictions lifted in England (differs for the 4 nations). Now we can go to zoos and safari parks, have a drink and a meal outdoors, and shops are open again. We booked our slot two weeks ago […]

Camel being petted

Knowsley Safari Park, December

Last weekend we’ve been to Knowsley Safari Park for our December visit. We did not book for the evening because, if there are any places left, for the Santa event, I think it would be better to leave those for families with children. We had a drive-through the safari and it was incredible. I shared […]

Highlights from Liverpool

Highlights from Liverpool

Today it should have been another post published on my blog, about the places I visited in the last 12 months, but with COVID, that was not possible. Do you remember my post from last year? As travelling was not exactly possible this year, I’m going to share highlights from Liverpool. I did not include […]