My kitchen

We have a small kitchen, so we thought about building an extension for the kitchen and knock the walls to make the living room bigger. The main reasons we didn’t do that was because we couldn’t find good developers. We had a few chats, including measurements and quotes, visits to their showroom, but decided against […]



I am sharing this post today for two reasons. First of all I want to show off my new artwork, that is now on the wall near the entrance. It looks amazing, I always loved the Dutch style of still art with beautiful flowers and insects on a black backdrop. The second reason is because […]

Office Decorations

Office Decorations

When it comes to office decorations, I was not sure what I should use, before a few months ago, when we started making puzzles. Now we have 9 on the walls as beautiful decorations. They range from 500 pieces to 3,000 pieces. So, enjoy the pictures. London, 3,000 pieces

Potted Passiflora

Potted Passiflora

I wanted to share updates from my garden, but it doesn’t look like anything will grow this month. I planted some bulbs, which were almost all taken out by magpies. Well, I know I need to buy potted flowers and replant them instead of bulbs for next year. Instead I’m going to share how the […]


My new conservatory

In the last few months we’ve renovated the living room, the conservatory, and redone the garden. Today I’m sharing pictures from my new conservatory, which is actually old, as it was built before we bought the house, but with a new flooring, coats of paint, a couple of issues sorted, new hinges for the door […]


Bloggers Art Gallery

Kezzie had a great idea, to organize a Bloggers Art Gallery. Bloggers Art Gallery is a joint effort by a few bloggers, who showcase their artwork, in a time when many museums are closed. The idea is that each of us shows what kind of artwork they have in their homes. As art is subjective, […]

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor in package

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

Last year in august we bought a Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor. This exact model is not available on the market at the moment, but there are similar products if you need a new vacuum, like the Dyson Small Ball. The Small Ball looks the same and it is at the same price as the […]

Caravan Renovations. Before and After - Kitchen

Caravan Renovations

We’ve had our caravan for a while now, more than three years. We’ve changed a couple of things, but we wanted to do more. When the reading lights started to act out and needed replacement, we’ve decided that’s a good time to make all the caravan renovations we were planning. When we bought the caravan […]

My bedroom

My Bedroom

I mentioned before that we were in the process of renovating the bedrooms. So, now I’m sharing pictures with my bedroom, the latest newly decorated room in our house, after the home office. Unlike the home office, where we’ve made a lot of changes, the bedroom is pretty much the same as it was before. […]

Organizing the Wardrobe

Organizing the Wardrobe

We’ve just renovated the bedroom, after we’ve finished with our home office. So, I thought it would be interesting to share how I’m organizing the wardrobe. Even before we bought the house we knew we want a build-in wardrobe, as we like having all the clothes in order, easy to see. I would go as […]