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Books I’ve enjoyed lately #2

The last two months I was busy with other things, but I must admit I wasn’t that keen on reading books despite the lack of time. I read only one SCI-FI book in March and two autobiographies in April-early May. They are part of my reading challenge. I didn’t read any other work related books. For this month I didn’t toke the books from the library yet, I’ll do that on Friday when I’m going to Lightnight. I hope the mood for reading will come back.
Regardless of all this, I really liked the 3 books I’ve read and I would recommend all of them.

Common sense rules What You Really Need to Know about Business by Deborah Meaden
Common sense rules: What You Really Need to Know about Business by Deborah Meaden

I like Deborah from the way she is at Dragon’s Den. I like her even more now, after reading her book. The book “does what it says on the tin”, it’s all about common sense rules. I loved it. The way Deborah presented her stories was as inspirational as the stories themselves.
She feels comfortable to write about personal things, but without oversharing. I liked her advises and her way of thinking. It was interesting to read about her story of selling Weststar. I also thought it’s quite interesting how she implemented rules to empower the employees so they can take better care of their customers.
In the book, she talks about popular myths about entrepreneurship and I liked that part too. Myths are well… myths. She also talks about the importance of the business plan, a part ignored by small businesses.
It’s a lovely book and if you ever want to open a business, reading it will give you a very good insight of what can happen.

The way I see it. Rants, revelations and rules for life by Alan Sugar
The way I see it. Rants, revelations and rules for life by Alan Sugar

I wanted to read another book by Alan Sugar “What You See Is What You Get: My Autobiography”, but I didn’t find it at the Central library, so I got this one instead. It’s funny and very well written. You might know, if you read my blog regularly, that I’m a fan of The Apprentice.
Some of the things Lord Sugar said were inspirational and it made me think at aspects I didn’t think before. He has a down-to-earth attitude that is refreshing even if I didn’t agree with everything he said.
I also liked his approach to loosing weight and the new “tiny fork diet” is fab. He admits his own mistakes and that is another great thing in his book. The chapter about buying a plane is quite surprising, it seems that spending millions of pounds on something doesn’t guarantee a smoother process or a better buying experience.

White Star
White star by Beth Vaughan

It’s a love story and I enjoyed it. The book is part of a trilogy: Red Gloves, White Star, and Destiny’s Star. I didn’t read the other two, but the book can be read on its own. I liked the style of the author and the story was lovely too. White Star is around Lady High Priestess Evelyn and Orrin Blackhart and their story, but the focus is on a battle with the undead. It’s a light and easy to read book.

You can get them from the library, as I did or from amazon.

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  1. That Deborah Meaden book looks very interesting! I loved her on Dragons Den

  2. Although I don’t really read non-fiction very much, I would be very intrigued to read the Alan Sugar one!

  3. Oh I quite enjoyed Alan Sugar’s book but haven’t read the other two.

  4. I love fact books, the first two would be right up my street. I might see if the first one is on audible!

    Corinne x

  5. I love the sound of the books by Deborah Meaden and Sir Alan – this type of book fascinates me ( I have several very small businesses) Kaz x

  6. I love posts like these. I have just downloaded Common Sense Rules on my Kindle.

  7. I really want to read Alan Sugar’s book! I keep meaning to look for it. I’ve been reading quite a few books recently, too! Common sense rules by Deborah Meaden sounds like an interesting read 🙂

  8. I think i’d like to read the Alan Sugar book even though I’m not an apprentice fan. I think he’d have some interesting things to say x

  9. I didn’t know that Deborah Meaden had a book out. I really like her. I will checking out Amazon right now. R

  10. You had me at Meaden, I love her. She’s such a strong person (let a lone woman) and she’s witty to boot! Glad you enjoyed her book, wish more people would read!! x

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