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Mrs Burton’s Restaurant, Hastings

Mrs Burton’s Restaurant is a lovely little eatery near the 1066 Battlefield and Battle Abbey. If you’ve missed the pictures from the battlefield, check the previous link. It is such a fascinating place to visit.

Mrs Burton's Restaurant, Hastings. Entrance

We’ve decided to stop for coffee, as we were in a hurry, being the last day of our holiday. I imagine that in the summer the front garden is packed with customers. It is such a wonderful place.

Table at Mrs Burton's Restaurant, Hastings

Mrs Burton’s Restaurant dates back to the 16th Century and it still has many original features. The decor is well thought of, as you can see in the pictures. The Bayeux Tapestry inspired wall art is really good.

Seat at Mrs Burton's Restaurant, Hastings

I picked a small table, in an alcove. Isn’t it gorgeous? My chair looked the same. It was a very cosy place to have our coffees.


Wall decor at Mrs Burton's Restaurant, Hastings

I would love to visit them again, maybe for lunch. I was not able to take a lot of pictures inside as it was crowded and I always avoid taking pictures with other customers in them, if possible.

Mrs Burton's Restaurant, Hastings. Outside

Mrs Burton’s Restaurant is on 2 High St, Battle, TN33 0AE, East Sussex. They are open daily.

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  1. We ALMOST went here for our lunch but it was very busy so we ended up down the road in the modern cafe on the right! I like the decor!

  2. This is a cute spot! I love the inside as much as the outside. I wonder what the food tastes like there… Probably very good!

    Julia x

  3. What a quaint little shop! I like their decor. The menu looks more geared toward vegetarians than vegans.

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