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Vineyard Farm Shop

Last month I’ve been to Vineyard Farm Shop for my veggies. The farm is located in the Wirral peninsula, just off the motorway.

01 Vineyard Farm Shop
There are a couple of beautiful buildings in the farm’s courtyard. This is one of the treats of buying from a farm and not from a shop, everything is pretty.

02 Vineyard Farm Shop
These are the fields next to the farm shop and the potatoes are grown there. It can’t get more local than that.

03 Vineyard Farm Shop
It’s harvest time.

04 Vineyard Farm Shop
I already mentioned the beautiful buildings around the farm.

05 Vineyard Farm Shop
There is a sign with daily offers and prices just outside the shop.

06 Vineyard Farm Shop
They have lots of veggies on offer, as you can see.

07 Vineyard Farm Shop
The cabbage is grown on the farm too. Those carrots look amazing, I like how they look with a little bit of dirt and the leaves.

08 Vineyard Farm Shop
There are imported veggies, as I saw in all the farm shops. I would rather see only homegrown produce, but that would make the store too specific and seasonal, so it might not be too versatile.

09 Vineyard Farm Shop
I bought a few courgettes, the yellow ones were too cute not to get them.

10 Vineyard Farm Shop
Of course I got some British potatoes to make chips. They were delightful.

This was my visit to the shop, I forgot to take pictures with the produce I got. As we are leaving next week, I didn’t get loads. I bought potatoes, like I always do when I’m visiting these farms. I also got courgettes and some fruits.

The farm’s address is Poulton Road (top of Dibbinsdale), CH63 9LQ Bebington, United Kingdom.

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  1. Oh I love me some homegrown veggies!

    they’ve just opened a farm shop just down from our house, and I’ve yet to pop in and have a look. I’m free on Saturday so I might actually pop down! Thanks for reminding me!

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